The words Dog Breed Info with the letter D inside of a black paw print

My Apartment Puppy—Meeting Yukon Nelson Potato

A girl with long brown hair kneeling down to pet a fluffy white and black puppy that a longhaired girl wearing a pink hat is holding while a large pointer stands in front of them

Zippy meets Sara and her dog, a German Shorthaired Pointer named Yukon Nelson Potato, aka Yuki.

A little fluffy white and black dog pulling towards a large breed pointer dog on a sidewalk

Zippy wants to run up and jump right on Yuki, who is a very good boy as he stands and watches her.

A small white dog with a black face walking up to a GSP dog on a sidewalk

Zippy proving her attraction to large breed dogs as she walks right up to Yuki and tries to jump on him.

A toy sized puppy play bowing at a large pointer dog outside

She play bows at Yuki asking him to play with her.

A little poo doodle dog pulling towards a large breed pointer dog

As hard as she tries to get a play session going, Yuki is on a leash and he stands like a good boy next to his owner.

A small fluffy puppy laying down in the grass next to a large breed pointer dog who is standing next to his owner on a sidewalk

Zippy decides to be a good girl and lays down in the grass.

A small toy sized dog smelling a German Shorthair Pointer who is standing on the floor while a girl watches

In the apartment Zippy decides to check Yuki out from up on the couch.

A little fluffy dog jumping on a large breed dog

Zippy tries again to start a play session with Yuki, but he is not going for it.

A small white and black dog walking away from a large breed pointer dog

Zippy, where are your manners? Leave him alone. He is being a good boy.