The words Dog Breed Info with the letter D inside of a black paw print

My Apartment Puppy—DNA Test

The DNA results of a dog sitting on a pink bed with the stats below the picture

The vet package that I purchased included a dog DNA test. Zippy's results came back. She is what I was told with some added surprises. Her parents, grandparents and great grandparents are all purebreds, either Shih Tzu or Poodle. However somewhere beyond greatgrandparents is a touch of 2 percent Bichon and a dab of 1 percent Pekingese.

A little white and black long haired dog sitting on a blond girls lap

Inside Zippy's results were the following color patterns, dominant black (1 copy), fawn (1 copy), mask (1 copy), recessive red (1 copy), tan points (1 copy), recessive black (0 copies), Widow's Peak (0 copies).

She tested negative for any color modifiers and postive for 4 coat patterns including piebald with 2 copies showing and saddle tan with one copy showing, harlequin with 0 copies effected and Merle with 0 copies effected.

Her coat length and curl came up with two traits, 2 copies of long coat and 1 copy of a curl or wave.

Two copies of a reduced shedding variant appeared.

Three coat traits were found, 2 copies of furnishings, which causes a fuzzy beard, moustache and eyebrows. Albino and hair ridge showed both but with no copies.

Her head shape showed both the short snout trait BMP3 variant, coming in at 2 copies and a shortened SMOC2 variant at 1 copy)

She has 1 copy of the floppy ear trait. Her eyes have a brown or amber trait.

She has the short leg Chondrodysplasia, CDPA, which is the slightly shortened legs trait.

Out of 210 known genetic health predispositions and genetic conditions that were tested, Zippys DNA results cleared them all.

According to her DNA test her healthy adult weight range should be somewhere between 9 and 15 pounds. Her last weight as of her 6 month weigh in was 8 pounds. She is right on course.