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My Apartment Puppy—Hairy Ears

The ear of a small dog with a lot of hair growing out of it

Zippy has been scratching at her ears and shaking her head. I looked in her ears and WOW! Look at all that hair. How the heck can you even hear? That much hair inside of the ear canal can cause not only itching but infection as it gathers dirt and debris. How does one remove all of that hair? Pulling it out with tweezers sounds painful. You’re no Pit Bull when it comes to pain tolerance. In fact you seem to be just the opposite. Low tolerance. We are off to the pet store to find an easy painless way to remove all of that hair. The picture above shows the inside of her right ear.

A small white and black dog in a shopping cart full of dog products

After a trip to PetSmart where we found all kinds of useful items, we never did find ear hair removal products. I’m going to learn how to do the removal myself, but the dog grooming service looks like our best option since she’s having ear troubles right now. We need to go back home and grab her proof of rabies.

The left ear of a dog before the hair was removed

Left ear before the hair was removed. Not as bad as the right ear, but still not good.

The dog groomers wing inside of a PetSmart store

We drove back home where Zippy ate lunch, then it was back to PetSmart to get those ears taken care of. I hope they have painless ways of getting all of that hair out.

A little Shih-Poo puppy leaving the groomers

Time to pick Zippy up! The groomer told me they have a numbing product that they use and that Zippy was an excellent patient. She also got a bath and her nails trimmed.

The inside of a dog's ear after hair was removed

Her right ear after the hair was removed. I bet you can hear a lot better now. That must have been like walking around with ear muffs on.

The left ear of a dog after the hair was removed

Her left ear after the hair was removed.

A little white fluffy dog eating food

After the grooming apointment it was time for Zip to eat again. She never seems to want to eat her food without being hand fed and even then she’s not that interested. She must not like her current brand. I bought a bunch of different types of food to see what she does like. I think we found something! She’s eating on her own. A score from our first PetSmart trip.