The words Dog Breed Info with the letter D inside of a black paw print

My Apartment Puppy—The Ears

A Q-tip with brown yeast from a dog's ear who is wrapped in a white towel

After getting the mass amount of ear hair removed, Zip was still scratching her right ear. When I smelled the inside of both ear canals they smelled different. Her right ear had that familiar smell of ear yeast. The left ears smelled a little better but both ears showed a brown mess on the Q-tip. Made me think she had a yeast infection in both ears, the right ear being worse than the left. The right ear was the one that had the most hair growth, so that makes sense.

There was a vet office inside PetSmart right next to the dog grooming center. How convenient is that? Let’s stop that itching. An itchy ear can’t be fun. I’ll also get a chance to see how much you weigh.

The inside of a small dog's ear canal after using ear powder

The soonest I could get into the vet was 1 week out. Hmmmm... In the meantime let’s try to stop the itching with an ear powder we bought at the pet store.

A small Shih-Poo puppy sitting on a chair inside an urgent care center waiting room

Out on one of our walks we happened to walk right past an animal urgent care center. We walked in. Watching her scratch at her ear was heartbreaking. I cancelled the vet. Lets do this now.

A small toy sized puppy laying down on a chair in a waiting room

Zippy was a very good girl and eventually laid down on the seat to wait for her turn.

A small dog looking over at her owner while on a gray table at a vets office

The urgent care vet confirmed that Zippy had a yeast infection in her ears. The right was worse than the left but yeast was indeed found in both.

They cleaned both of her ears and prescribed an ear medicine and cleaner. We will follow up at a normal vet in 2 weeks.

Zip weighed 6.56 pounds.