The words Dog Breed Info with the letter D inside of a black paw print

My Apartment Puppy—Exploring the Area

A blonde girl with a small dog in her coat.

Moving from a farm to a city like setting was adventurous. So many places to go without having to drive. We set out to explore our area. Maybe we can find a pet store in walking distance.

A small fluffy muddy white dog in a shopping cart at a pet store

Bingo, we found a pet store and the little ball of fur was muddy. We bought treats and a new coat.

A toy sized dog sitting in front of a snow pile

Equipped with her new coat, Zip attempted doing some of the walking herself. What a muddy mess.

A small wet dog getting a bath in the kitchen sink.

After our long day out and about Zip needed a bath. In the sink you go.

A small wet dog sleeping in a sink.

Zippy laid down in the sink in the middle of her bath. She's clearly not shy about where she decides to sleep.

A small wet dog sitting on the bathroom counter

All clean.