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My Apartment Puppy—Learning her Personality

A small white with black dog sitting on a brown couch in a living room

I have underestimated the little fluff ball. She totally just jumped up on that couch all by herself. One easy, efortless, graceful leap like a deer jumping over a low fence.

A small fluffy white dog sitting on the arm of a brown couch

Guess I will not have to buy that small dog portable staircase after all. You are going to just jump where you need to go and you are not even full grown yet.

A girl with long hair sitting at a computer with a small fluffy white dog curled up on her lap

She is definitly a lap dog. She will ask to get up by either staring at me or placing a paw on my leg, then she will curl up and go to sleep.

A little white and black dog in a green wagon on an elevator with brown shopping bags next to her

She still likes riding in the wagon, even when there are groceries in there with her. Proving to be a great apartment dog.

A little dog curled up in a bathroom sink

Zippy is not picky about where she takes a nap. She has a thing for sleeping in sinks. Or maybe it has something to do with me always putting her up on the counters. Since she is still a puppy she is not yet fully potty trained and therefore when I am busy doing things like brushing my teeth or doing the dishes I often put her up there so I can watch her.

A small dog drinking water from a sink fauset

She discovered that sinks are also great places to get a drink.