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Australian Cattle Dog Pictures

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An Australian Cattle Dog is laying on a wooden porch behind a litter of five Australian Cattle puppies

“This is our Blue Heeler, Jo. She is the love of our family!!! She had a beautiful litter of 5 healthy pups. She goes to work every day with her daddy Steve. They build fences and she keeps the cattle in. She is very obedient and the best dog we have ever had. She loves to ride in the back of the truck or even loves to ride on the 4-wheeler with us.”

Other Names
  • Australian Heeler
  • Hall's Heeler
  • Queensland Heeler
  • Blue Heeler
  • Red Heeler
  • Australian Cattledog
  • Australischer Treibhund
  • ACD
The left side of an Australian Cattle Dog that is standing in a field, next to a tree with five Australian Cattle Puppies who are playing in the lawn.

Jo with her litter of 5 puppies

The left side of an Australian Cattle Dog that is standing outside and looking at a man to the left of here. Four Australian Cattle puppies are playing on the lawn and the person is holding one of the puppies
An Australian Cattle Dog is laying with her mouth open and there are five Australian Cattle puppies all around her on a wooden porch
An Australian Cattle Dog is laying across a porch and there are four Australian Cattle puppies sleeping on the porch. There is a fifth puppy that is sitting and sniffing the face of that Australian Cattle Dog.
Five Australian Cattle Puppies are playing in a pile on a wooden porch.
A boy sitting in a lawn is holding Two Australian Heeler puppies

See Joe and Mouse, one of Joe's pups in action!

The Working Aussie!

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