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Bichon Frise Pictures

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Bichon Frise standing on a table in front of two people. The Person on the Right is holding a ribbon and the person to the left is holding a microphone

Example of a show Bichon, Ch. Nuage Captain Chito, owned by Bill Dreker, Nuage Bichon Frise

Other Names
  • Bichon à poil frisé
  • Bichón Tenerife
Close Up head shot - Bichon Frise looking to the right at a dog show

Example of a show Bichon

Close Up - Lexi the Bichon Frise laying on a floor

This is 8-month-old Lexi.

Left Profile - Lexi the Bichon Frise standing on a table with a person behind them. THe person is holding the Bichon Frise tail on its back and its head up.

Lexi at 9 months

Bichon Frise puppy in a Santa hat with a person holding him

A Bichon puppy in a Santa hat