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Bichon Yorkie

Bichon Frise / Yorkshire Terrier Mixed Breed Dogs

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Boulee the Bichon Yorkie Puppy standing on a carpet looking back at the owner with a white and blue flowered couch in the background

Boulee the Bichon Yorkie (Yo-Chon) at 9 weeks old—"These are pictures of our puppy Boulee, a Bichon / Yorkshire Terrier cross. He was hard to housebreak, but is now a well-adjusted member of our family at age 6 months. And, he is about 98% housetrained."

Other Names
  • Bichyorkie
  • Borkie
  • Yo-Chon
  • Yochon
  • Yorki-Chon
  • Yorkichon
  • Yorkiechon
  • Yorkie-Chon
  • Yorkie-Bichon
  • Yorkshire Frise
Close Up - Boulee the Bichon Yorkie sitting on the carpet

Boulee the Bichon Yorkie (Yo-Chon) at 6 months old

Boulee the Bichon Yorkie sitting against the arm of a chair and in the lap of a person

"Boulee at 2 years old. He looked a lot like a Yorkie as a puppy, but as he has aged, he has gotten whiter and whiter—the Bichon is coming out! Of all the dogs we have ever owned, he is probably the smartest. He can also be headstrong. He is very affectionate and never barks in the house, although he feels free to do so outside. The breeder said he would be about 10 pounds—he is in fact a long and lean 14 lbs."

Lucy the Bichon Yorkie puppy looking to the left

Lucy the Yo-Chon (Bichon Yorkie) at 5 months old

Lucy the Bichon Yorkie Puppy laying in grass

Lucy the black Yo-Chon (Bichon Yorkie) puppy

Close Up - Lucy the Bichon Yorkie Puppy being held up in the air

Lucy the black with white Yo-Chon (Bichon Yorkie) puppy at 6 weeks old

Digger the Bichon Yorkie puppy being held in the air by a person

Digger the 8-week-old Yo-Chon (Bichon Yorkie mix)

A litter of Bichon Yorkie puppies feeding from their mother on a blanket in a whelping box

A litter of 9 Bichon Yorkie puppies, photo courtesy of Barbie Beauties Bichon/Yorkies