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Border Terrier Pictures

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Close Up - Cassie the Border Terrier standing on a carpetted floor next to a couch wearing a red collar

Cassie the blue and tan Border Terrier at 3 years old—"This picture really shows her inquisitive nature as she walks up to meet the camera. After the shot she ran to the other side of the room, scared by the flash!!"

Cassie the Border Terrier sitting on the lap of a person

Cassie the blue and tan Border Terrier at 3 years old

Close Up - Cooper the Border Terrier sitting outside in the snow with dog tags hanging from his collar

Cooper the six-year-old Border Terrier

Close Up - Nell the Border Terrier is sitting in snow with snow stuck to her face

Nell the five-year-old Border Terrier. Both Cooper and Nell love the snow!

Close Up - Pretty Penny the Border Terrier puppy stuck in-between trash can an a tree

Pretty Penny the Border Terrier puppy, caught between a rock and a hard place  :)

Meg the Border Terrier laying down in her round plastic pool whelp box with her litter of border terrier puppies

Meg the Border Terrier as a 1-week-old puppy with her mom and littermates, brothers and sister

Close Up - 1 week old puppy sleeping in the hands of a person

Meg the Border Terrier puppy at 1 week old

Meg the Border Terrier with her red ball in a chair

Meg the Border Terrier puppy with her ball

Glamour shot of Border Terrier with its head tilted to the right with a black background and light bordering the head of the dog

Border Terrier d'ella Collinetta, Switzerland, Breeder: Marlis, Huoni, Photo courtesy of Natascha Mueller

Border Terrier being stacked by a lady

Photos courtesy of Cottonwood Kennel

Barney the Border Terrier Puppy standing on a green carpet and a person has their hands on his under belly and front chest

Barney as a puppy

Left Picture Close Up - Buffy the Border Terrier puppy looking to the right. Right Picture Benita the Border Terrier sitting under a table

Buffy at 20 weeks and Benita at 6 years

Close Up - Meg the Border Terrier licking her nose

Border Terrier named Meg licking her nose