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Boston Terrier Pictures

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Buddy the Boston Terrier sitting wearing a red white and blue harness in front of an American Flag

"This is my best friend Buddy. He is 5 years old. He loves meeting new people and loves being part of our family. He sleeps with me every night under the covers. He has three cat friends. He loves to run in the yard. He is very obedient and loves to please. He is a very well balanced dog. His favorite toys are a blue rubber cat and a tennis ball. He has always had Nylabones and he loves them so. When I give him a treat like a dog biscuit (cookie) he dances all around it for a few minutes before he eats it. He is such an amazing friend and I love him so. I have had two heart attacks and open heart surgery and he has been such a comfort and source of joy to me, and I am positive having this dog has extended my life."

Ben the Boston Terrier puppy wearing a red collar sitting on a tan couch looking at the camera holder

Ben the Boston Terrier puppy at 9 weeks old

Ben the Boston Terrier puppy sitting against the arm of a tan couch and looking at the camera holder

Ben the Boston Terrier puppy at 9 weeks old

Boots the Boston Terrier sitting in the lap of a person licking its nose with its paw on the hand of the person

Boots as a wee little pup, weighing less than one pound...

Boots sitting on a carpet and wearing a blue teeshirt looking up with its tongue out and mouth open

…and Boots full-grown, weighing about 20 pounds

Boston Terrier standing in front of an ottoman which a fluffy gray and white kitten is sitting on

Photo courtesy of Razors Edge American Bulldogs and Boston Terriers

Jazz the Boston Terrier laying on a carpet chewing on a dog bone with a light blue blanket next to her

This is 9-month-old Jazz Bo chewing on his bone.

Close Up - Tugger the Boston Terrier laying in a bed with sleepy eyes

This sweet little guy is named Tugger.