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Water (Walrus) Puppies (Anasarca puppies)

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The circled pup is an Olde English Bulldogge water puppy.

Two newborn dead puppies laying on a white blanket next to a human's hand. One puppy is twice the size as the other. The large puppy is black in color and the smaller puppy is brown.

"These babies were in a litter of six Olde English Bulldogge puppies. Three pups were huge and three were tiny. This is a picture of two pups that were born dead. There was a huge size difference between them, one was very large and the other was a preemie size. The huge pup was her second pup, and the small was her third pup. The first pup born was just as tiny as the third puppy. My opinion is that it took her too long to have the huge pup. In fact, she needed help to get him out; this caused both to die (too long to be born and too much stress on them). We only had the one water baby he was the fourth pup to be born. The next two pups were the only ones who survived. The first pup did not have enough desire/strength to live. I tried really hard to save it. Unfortunately, it ended up getting squashed. The fifth and sixth pups were also different sizes; now at 8 weeks old the smaller pup has just about caught up to his bigger brother."

Two newborn puppies sitting next to the back leg of their mother on a white towel. The mother is red in color, one puppy is tan and white and the other is black with white.

Healthy puppies born in the same litter.

Two newborn puppies on a white towel in front of their mother. One pup is black with white on its nose and the other is tan.

Two of the healthy puppies born in the same litter.

A big thank-you to the breeders who shared their stories on their experience with water puppies.

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