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Central Asian Ovtcharka Pictures

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Mishka the Central Asian Ovtcharka  is standing outside in a road that leads to a closed gate with Akush the Central Asian Ovtcharka laying down in the distance

This is Mishka (standing) and Akush(lying down). Photo courtesy of Hidden Oaks Guardians

Other Names
  • Middle Asian Ovtcharka
  • Mid-Asian Shepherd
  • Central Asian Sheepdog
  • Central Asian Shepherd Dog
  • Alabai
  • Sredneasiatska├»a Ovtcharka
  • Turkmen Alabai
  • Zentralasiatischer Ovtcharka
CH. Panda Rusdog the Central Asian Ovtcharka walking up a hill while on a leash and its mouth is open

CH. Panda Rusdog, female, 3 years, photo courtesy of Rusdog Kennels

CH. Burmilla the Central Asian Ovtcharka puppy is standing on a tarp on top of a car

CH. Burmilla, male, 1 month old puppy, photo courtesy of Rusdog Kennels

Top Photo - Central Asian Ovtcharka standing on rocks. Bottom Photo - Central Asian Ovtcharka is laying on rocks in front of water

This dog is from Abkhoreh (north of Iran), 2000. Photos courtesy of Iran Zoo Wild & Domestic Animals of Iran

Central Asian Ovtcharka dog sitting in front of a building with its mouth open and a rope tied around its neck

A Mazandarani puppy in Alamdeh (Mazandaran Province), photo (C) Ali Golshan -5.2000, photo courtesy of Iran Zoo Wild & Domestic Animals of Iran