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Central Asian Ovtcharka Pictures

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Mishka the Central Asian Ovtcharka  is standing outside in a road that leads to a closed gate with Akush the Central Asian Ovtcharka laying down in the distance

This is Mishka (standing) and Akush(lying down). Photo courtesy of Hidden Oaks Guardians

Other Names

Middle Asian Ovtcharka

Mid-Asian Shepherd

Central Asian Sheepdog

Central Asian Shepherd Dog


Sredneasiatskaïa Ovtcharka

Turkmen Alabai

Zentralasiatischer Ovtcharka

CH. Panda Rusdog the Central Asian Ovtcharka walking up a hill while on a leash and its mouth is open

CH. Panda Rusdog, female, 3 years, photo courtesy of Rusdog Kennels

CH. Burmilla the Central Asian Ovtcharka puppy is standing on a tarp on top of a car

CH. Burmilla, male, 1 month old puppy, photo courtesy of Rusdog Kennels

Top Photo - Central Asian Ovtcharka standing on rocks. Bottom Photo - Central Asian Ovtcharka is laying on rocks in front of water

This dog is from Abkhoreh (north of Iran), 2000. Photos courtesy of Iran Zoo Wild & Domestic Animals of Iran

Central Asian Ovtcharka dog sitting in front of a building with its mouth open and a rope tied around its neck

A Mazandarani puppy in Alamdeh (Mazandaran Province), photo (C) Ali Golshan -5.2000, photo courtesy of Iran Zoo Wild & Domestic Animals of Iran