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Chihuahua / Yorkshire Terrier Mixed Breed Dogs

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Front view of a tiny tan and black dog with bits of long hair coming from his snout and ears with large perk ears laying down on a red and a yellow blanket with a vet ID band around his neck.

Rio the Chorkie at 8 months old— "This is Rio. He is an 8 month old Chorkie that we rescued. The owner kept letting him run around in the Heat this summer and We rescued him 8 or 10 times in our other neighbor six or eight times. We always brought him in and hydrated him and when the neighbor would finally come home and take him back. One evening We rescued him and he was so dehydrated he could not even run across the street all happy to us. They didn't come home for hours. We kept offering to rehome him (as well as our neighbor) and take him and they said no. The next day it happened again and this time we called Animal Control. Between the heat and the hawks and the coyotes this little 3.5 lb baby should not be running around outside alone.

Other Names
  • Chiyorkie
  • York Chi
  • Yorkie-Chi
  • Yorkchi
  • Yorkiechi
A tiny tan and black dog with large perk ears that stand up to a point laying down in a person's lap in a car sleeping.

He is now our baby as they sign paperwork over to us that very day. Animal Control got back to her house and said they signed him over. While animal control was talking with them our newest member of the family became lethargic and then fell over. We rushed him to our vet who sent us to urgent care. The staff was already in love with him and I knew he would be fine. After all the testing and before I went home the vet found he had ingested marijuana. They had a special IV along with a hydrating IV and kept him overnight. He is doing fantastic and will have no lasting effects or problems from the ingestion.

A person holding a very small tan dog with large perk ears and a scruffy face, black nose and dark eyes in a car.

Rio is a sweet, energetic, funny , cute puppy. When we first rescued him our grandsons were here and my husband was overseas. My grandsons are ages 3 and 6 and my son is age 11 and they have taken to Rio as Rio has taken to them. Rio is kind and gentle and playful with the boys as well as anyone he comes in contact with. It is awesome.

A medium-sized brown dog with a brown and white coat laying down next to a small tan and black dog on a gray blanket.

He has attached himself to me and is adjusting to his big brothers and trying to win the cat over. Kenai our German Shepherd is doing pretty well with him but we cannot leave him unsupervised because Kenai does not realize how big his paws are for our little Rio. My Aussie shepherd Bailey is perfect with him. Probably because Bailey is my baby too. Bailey likes to make sure he goes out every time Rio goes out with me to go potty and they both sleep together with me. Kodi, our Chihuahua Jack Russell mix is the oldest of the group at 12 and a little fat boy. We have to be careful with him outside because the first time Cody's attack instinct took over to hunt for little Rio. Ever since then they are doing great outside but we never stay more than 6 feet away from Rio. In the house we've had no problems. Zoe our cat wants nothing to do with him. Rio keeps trying but the cat says no. Rio is 8 months old, Keen I will be 5 in October, Bailey turns 10 in a week, and Cody is 12 years old this past May. Zoe our cat is six.

A very happy smiling lady holding a small tan and black dog up to her face with a little boy next to her in front of a stone front building.

This is my daughter holding Rio the day we picked him up from urgent care.

A small tan dog sitting on the lap of a lady wearing a seat belt and a pink shirt inside of a car. The dog is wearing a big blue dog tag.

The only issue I am having with Rio is no matter how many times I take him outside to go potty he is still hiking in the house. He will be neutered shortly.

A collage of two pictures side by side of a small tan dog wearing a black and white plaid jacket with a black bow on the back. The words Reo with his new bow harness are overlayed on the bottom of the image. A small tan and black dog standing up on the lap of a lady with blonde hair and glasses. The dog is looking at a man who is in the room behind him.