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Carlin Pinscher Pictures

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Harper the Carlin Pinscher puppy is wearing a dog tag and a harness and leash standing in grass and looking towards the camera

Harper the Carlin Pinscher puppy at 5 months old—"Harper is the sweetest little dog ever with tons of personality and love. Although she is only 5 and a half months old, Harper knows many commands and is a very, VERY well behaved puppy. She is a little stubborn at times but I think that is just the Pug part of her breed. She really enjoys going for walks, chasing birds and butterflies, playing ball, snuggling, and giving LOTS of kisses. Harper is my first dog, although I grew up with a family dog and I am so happy I did the research and decided on the Carlin Pinscher breed.

Harper the Carlin Pinscher puppy is standing outside and looking back behind it

Harper the Carlin Pinscher puppy at 5 months old—"This breed is beautiful, intelligent, and loving with a perfect disposition. I get so many compliments on Harper, it's crazy! Because the Carlin Pinscher has both Pug and Min-Pin, in it's lines Harper does not have the common breathing problems that most Pugs do; the Min-Pin part of her provides the her with an elongated snout. Furthermore, the activity level of Carlin Pinscher is moderate which is perfect for my lifestyle. This breed definitely needs things to chew on in order to keep them occupied and out of trouble. Also, Harper was relatively easy to potty train, and to train in general. Carlins are very food motivated so be careful! Harper weighs about 8 lbs right now and I'm expecting her to be full grown around 10 or 12 lbs. Harper was born with an under bite, and it is currently becoming more prominent. This is rather common in the Carlin Pinscher breed. Harper's breeder docked her tail at 3 days old and we absolutely LOVE her little "nub"."

Harper the Carlin Pinscher puppy is laying outside in a field wearing a red collar and leash

Harper the Carlin Pinscher puppy at 5 months old—"Harper has truly changed and blessed my life, as well as the lives of my family and friends. She is a perfect companion with so much love to give and who always puts a smile on my face.