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American Wirehair Cat

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The head of the American Wirehair is rounded with high cheekbones. It has a level back and round torso. The tail is tapered, rounded at the tip, but not blunt. The legs are medium length and sturdy, with compact, rounded paws.


The coat is curly, hooked, springy, dense and coarse to the touch. It is said that if you stroke the coat of the American Wirehair in one direction it is soft and silky feeling, but if you stroke it in the opposite direction you would swear you were touching a mass of steel wool.

Colors and Patterns

It comes in various colors with specific eye colors.


This active, alert, curious, friendly, independent cat is a recent natural mutation. Easygoing, quiet, independent, friendly toward people and other animals. Busy and occasionally bossy.


8-15 pounds (3.5-7 kg)

Health Problems


Living Conditions

Can tolerate cool weather.


Little grooming needed, an occasional light brushing will do.


The first known American Wirehair was born in a barn in Verona, New York in 1966. His name was Adam and he was one of a litter of six kittens from a litter of American Shorthairs. He had crimped, sparse, wiry hair, coiled and springy, even the whiskers. All American Wirehairs can be traced back to this kitten named Adam.

Outcross Breeds

American Shorthair