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Cymric Cat

Information and Pictures

Baby Skyy the gray Cymric cat is standing on a wooden table and looking towards the camera holder

Baby Skyy the Cymric cat


This is a tailless, rounded cat with a look of great substance and durability. It is surprisingly heavy when lifted.


The coat is heavy and glossy, graduating in length.

Colors and Patterns

Coat colors vary with specific eye colors.



Height, Weight


Health Problems


Living Conditions





North America



Jazmine the Cymric Cat is sitting on a wicker chair with a button down shirt on the back of it. There is a Computer Tower with a keyboard on top of it in the background

"This is my cat, Jazmine. Jazmine is a Cymric, otherwise known as a Longhaired Manyx. She is about 8 years old. She has a very sweet, loving temperament. She hardly meows and loves to be cuddled. She is good with other pets and people, even children. But as she has gotten older, she tends to avoid high activity around the house. She stays inside most of the time and barely ventures beyond our back porch. She also loves shoes; she sleeps with both of her paws in someone’s shoes, especially those of visitors. We had to limit her food, because she has a tendency to overeat. She also has a very thick, soft and fluffy undercoat which needs to be groomed."