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Foldex Cat

Information and Pictures

Mymoza the Foldex Cat is sitting on a carpet and its front left paw is in the air. There is a large vase behind it

Mymoza, the Foldex cat, photo courtesy of Jean-Sylvain McGreevy, Chatterie Chamyka


The Foldex is a medium sized cat that is short legged, massive and rounded, yet elegant and with folded ears.


Comes in a shorthair and longhair coat, dense and soft.

Colors and Patterns

All colors and patterns.


Intelligent and sweet.

Height, Weight

5-8 pounds (2.3-3.6 kg)

Health Problems


Living Conditions

Ideal apartment cat.




Québec, Canada

Outcross Breeds

Exotics Shorthair and Longhair, Scottish Fold


Canadian Cat Association and Alliance Féline

Mymoza the Foldex Cat is standing on a wooden crate and there is a metal vase behind it


Chatterie Chamyka the Foldex Cat is laying on a blue backdrop. The words'Chatterie Chamyka' is overlayed in white cursive letters Close Up - Chatterie Chamyka the Foldex Cat is laying on a wooden surface with a stone wall behind it