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Japanese Bobtail Cat

(Longhair and Shorthair)

Information and Pictures

Hanna the Japanese Bobtail Longhair is standing in front of a blue backdrop, on a blue stand. It is looking to the right with its left back leg extended all the way outLolita the Japanese Bobtail Shorthair is sitting on a blue stand, in front of a blue backdrop. Its head is tilted to the left.

Japanese Bobtail Longhair
name: Hanna

Japanese Bobtail Shorthair
name: Lolita


The bobtail is very short, carried curled up. It has slanting eyes, strong cheekbones and very long back legs.


The coat is soft and silky. There is a long- and shorthaired variety.

Colors and Patterns

Traditional coloring is red, black and white. Eye color varies.


The tri-color variety of this affectionate, inquisitive, well-muscled, slender cat is considered good luck.

Height, Weight


Health Problems


Living Conditions



The coat is soft and easy to groom. 



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