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Keuda Cat

Information and Pictures

A Keuda cat is sitting on outside stairs and looking forward

Photo courtesy of Jacque Brown, President, American Keuda Cat Association


"Keuda" is pronounced with a long "u" and silent "e".


These cats are semi-foreign in build with a modified wedge head, teacup muzzle and moderately large ears, making the head appear triangular. They are equipped with excess skin, elbow and belly flaps and have straight medium to short hair, and long tapering tails. Often there is a ridge of longer hair along the back.


Often there is a ridge of longer hair along the back.

Colors and Patterns

These cats come in varying colors. Most common are black, white, blue, smoke, brown tabby, silver tabby, color point, red and recently, piebald.


For the most part Keudas are energetic and outgoing. They often like to play in water and may attempt to share their owner’s shower or “help” with the dishes. It is advisable to keep fish bowls covered in their presence. Colony spirit is strong in them and they will often mother the new kitten or defend the garden from the dog next door, yet they will befriend the family dog.

Height, Weight


Health Problems


Living Conditions





Keudas are thought to be descendants of some of the first cats brought to Texas and some may come from Spanish origins. Isolated and remote colonies that have been checked as fully as possible for the oldest lines have been the source for the breeding cats. The regulating body, American Keuda Cat Association is the group presently responsible for the Keuda cats’ preservation and quality control. Shows are held and cats are judged according to the Keuda Breed Standard and AKCA rules. The AKCA is a preservation group dedicated to maintaining a hardy, natural cat with the best possible health and appearance a natural cat can have. Registration is through the International Progressive Cat Breeders Alliance.

Outcross Breeds


  • AKCA = American Keuda Cat Association