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Maine Coon Cat

Information and Pictures

Blazers Lennox the Maine Coon Cat is laying on a tan backdrop and looking up at the camera holder. The words 'Ch. Blazers Lennox photo 4/06/01' are overlayed in the top right corner. The Words '©Dianna' are overlayed in the bottom right corner.

This is Blazers Lennox, owned by Dianna Jones.


It is a large and handsome, hardy and amusing working cat.


The Maine Coon has a distinctive heavy, smooth, shaggy coat.

Colors and Patterns

Colors vary with specific eye colors.



Height, Weight


Health Problems


Living Conditions





United States. This is the oldest natural breed of cat in North America, steeped in legend.

Outcross Breeds




Alex the orange and white Maine Coon is laying outside and looking up to the camera holder

Alex the orange Maine Coon, owned by Emily Tiscarenio