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Norwegian Forest Cat

Information and Pictures

Catsy the Norwegian Forest cat is laying on a tiled floor in front of a chair and looking up

"This is 5-year-old Catsy. He's very docile and loves going outdoors, especially in snow."




The water-resistant double coat is wooly, with a full ruff.

Colors and Patterns

The coat comes in all colors with various eye colors. They have a separate coat in the summer and winter. Pudding (below) rotated between gray and red when she was younger, but as she is getting older she has stayed red.


An old outdoor breed mentioned in Norse mythology. Nicknamed "Wegie," this cat is smart, quick and playful. It has strong claws for climbing and hunting. Extremely loving, in-your-face, vocal cats.

Height, Weight


Health Problems


Living Conditions


Life Expectancy

They are short-lived cats, 16-18 being the tops.





Outcross Breeds




Pudding the Norwegian Forest cat is laying on its side outside in grass and looking up

This is 11-year-old Pudding.