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Persian Cat

Information and Pictures

Oreo the black and white bicolor Persian cat is laying on a rug with an entertainment system on it that has VHS Tapes on it

Oreo, a bicolor Persian cat


There are a few different types of Persian: Bicolor Persian, Malayan Persian (extinct), Shaded Persian, Smoke Persian, Solid Persian, Tabby Persian, Doll-Face Persian and Miniature Persian.


The Bicolor Persian has a full-flow silky coat with a profuse ruff. The eyes are a brilliant copper color. Coat comes in the most basic colors with distinct white areas.

The Shaded Persian is covered with a flowing double coat. It has light hairs "tipped" with black creating a shaded look. Colors include: chinchilla, shaded silver, chinchilla golden, shaded golden. The eyes are green or blue-green, outlined in black.

The Smoke Persian has a long flowing coat and a profuse ruff. "Smokes" are magnificent looking. Colors include (smoked) black, blue, cameo (red), tortoiseshell and blue-cream. The eyes are a brilliant copper.

The Solid Persian has flowing hairs with a fluffy undercoat. Colors include: white, black, red, cream, chocolate and lilac. The eyes are a brilliant copper color (white cats may have blue or "odd" eyes).

The Tabby Persian has a long double coat is full and fine. Various tabby colors. The eyes are a brilliant copper color.


This Persian is affectionate, tranquil and snub-nosed with a soft, melodious voice. Graceful in spite of its rounded, massive looking body.

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Persians need extra grooming care.


Asia Minor/North America

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Winston Churchill (Church) the purebread Red Mackrel Tabby Persian laying in a tan recliner chair with a face that appears to be grumpy

Winston Churchill (Church) is a purebred red mackerel tabby Persian at 7 years old.

Bicolor Persian Cat is sitting on a purple backdrop. It is sitting with its back to the camera holder and its head is turned to the left

Grand Champion Si-D-Di's Hairy V. Hansum. He is a red McTabby bicolor. Photo courtesy of Anne Dampier, The Si-D-Di collection. An example of a bicolor Persian.

Shaded Golden Persian Cat is laying down posed for a photo in front of flowers. There is a green background behind it. There is a photoshopped border of green bubbles overlayed

Shaded Golden Persian

Merlyn Makito the black with fever coat Persian kitten has its paw in the air and is sitting on a pink towel next to a printer in front of a calendar

Eight-week-old Merlyn Makito is lack with fever coat.

Side-view of Glitter Girl the solid white Persian Cat who is laying on a purple backdrop and looking towards the camera holder. The Word '©Chanan' are overlayed

Si-D-Di's Glitter Girl. She is a Cat Fanciers' Association (CFA) ch. Photo courtesy of Anne Dampier, The Si-D-Di collection. An example of a solid Persian.

Hershey the solid chocolate Persian wearing an orange wizard hat and laying on a blanket that has stars and moons all over it and looking directly at the camera holder with a face that appears to be very serious

Hershey the chocolate Persian, an example of a Solid Persian

Close Up - Firewalker the orange Tabby Persian Cat is laying on a blue backdrop and looking to the left

Si-D-Di's Firewalker, a red tabby Persian. He was a Cat Fanciers' Association (CFA) ch, American Cat Fanciers' Association (ACFA) number 3 InterAmerican Kitten in 1996, and a ACFA GR. Ch. Photo courtesy of Anne Dampier, The Si-D-Di collection. An example of a tabby Persian.