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Turkish Angora Cat

Information and Pictures

Jinx the pure white Turkish Angora cat is laying on a tan tiled floor in front of a white door and looking up to the camera holder

Jinx the Turkish Angora cat at 4 years old. "I believe (from personal experience) that they are not very good with younger children."


This majestic, ancient, beautiful cat is truly slim, elegant and graceful.


The single coat is fine and silky.

Colors and Patterns

Colors vary with specific eye color.


The Turkish Angora likes a serene environment and is affectionate and well-behaved.

Height, Weight


Health Problems


Living Conditions






Outcross Breeds




Jinx the Turkish Angora cat is standing behind a bird cage and looking at the bird in the cage

Jinx the Turkish Angora cat at 4 years old checking out the bird!

Buttions the Turkish Angora Cat us laying on a carpeted floor with a person behind them

Buttions the Turkish Angora cat, owned by Emily Tiscarenio