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Dogs Chewing

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Cochise the Doberman Pinscher and Copper the Rat Terrier are laying on a carpet and chewing toys. They are looking into each others eyes

Cochise and Copper. Cochise is an 8-year-old red and rust Doberman Pinscher. Copper is a 2-year-old tri-colored Rat Terrier.

Mr. Piggy the Choc Lab and Roo the German Shepherd/Whippet mix are standing outside in the snow. They both are chewing on the same stick

Mr. Piggy (Choc Lab) and Roo (German Shepherd/Whippet mix) enjoying some stick chewing.

Roo the the German Shepherd/Whippet mix is outside in snow chewing on a long stick Toto the Giant Schnauzer is chewing on the edge of a chair in a house

Oh boy, look at this big chew toy! Boy it tastes good! (This is Toto from Romania. Toto is a Giant Schnauzer.)

Close Up - Sampson the Yellow Labrador Retriever is laying on a couch and chewing on a dog bone

Sampson as a puppy at about 12 weeks, chewing his bone. Sampson is a Yellow Labrador Retriever.