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Greyhound Pictures

(English Greyhound)

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A black Greyhound is laying down on a tan carpet on top of a green dog bed pillow.

"This poignant picture of Feisty Lynn captures her beauty and soul. She ran 191 races at three different tracks, finishing her winning career in Wisconsin in early 2004 at 5 years old. It took over a year for her to warm up to the idea that she was now a pet. Today she is playful and loving, but maintains an air of the mysterious when it suits her. She's the alpha queen to Jester, my other greyhound rescue, and obviously is the brains of the duo. She is sleek and beautiful, track scarred but undamaged deep in that wonderful heart."

Rescue dogs do not need to be scarred from their past lives. Read Successfully Adopting a Rescue Dog.

A white Greyhound is wearing a brown jacket standing on a hardwood floor inside of a house and there are three bar stools behind it.

Quebec the beautiful Greyhound rescued from Grateful Greyhounds in Long Island, NY—her owners say, "She is the joy of our lives!"

A tan with white Greyhound is laying on a brown couch with a green plush toy in its mouth.

Sage the Greyhound at 4 years old loves his stuffies!

A tan Greyhound is wearing sunglasses and a gray sweater walking down a runway and looking to the right

McKay the 4-year-old Greyhound is catwalk modeling his stylin’ sweater.

A white with brown brindle Greyhound is running and splashing through a body of water

Lincoln playing in the waters of Prince Edward Island

A black and white photo of a Greyhound jumping through a body of water with water splashing around it

Lincoln was rescued from a local race track. He LOVES the ocean, as you can see!

A tan Greyhound is standing in a field. Its mouth is open and its tongue is out

Lenny the Greyhound

A tan Greyhound is standing in grass and looking to the right. Its mouth is open and a tongue is out

Lenny the Greyhound

A composited image of a tan Greyhound. It has a heart drawn around it. There is black Greyhound laying down on the bottom left of the image.

Melissa Hough

A white with tan Greyhound is laying on top of a blanket on a hardwood floor

Allie the white and tan Greyhound

A tan Greyhound is standing in grass with a white picket fence in front of it and a person behind it

This is Maggie. She was rescued from a track in Florida, USA.