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Havanese / Boston Terrier Mixed Breed Dogs

Information and Pictures

A long haired black and white scruffy looking terrier with small ears that fold over at the tips, a black nose, dark eyes with longer hair sticking out around his teal blue collar sitting down in brown grass outside

"Gadget is our 11-month-old Boston Terrier / Havanese mix puppy. We rescued him from a dog shelter in Ohio when he was 9 months old. We had his DNA tested using Embark and it came back that Gadget is mix of two pure bred dogs. He is 50% Boston Terrier (probably his mother) and 50% Boston Terrier (probably his father). He is the sweetest, most loving, confidant and playful pup. He very much wants to please us and has been very easy to train. He gets along with everyone (adults, children, dogs and cats) and is typically very calm. He’s not at all aggressive but does enjoy chasing squirrels and playfully pestering our cat."

Other Names
  • Bostonese

The Hava-Boston is not a purebred dog. It is a cross between the Boston Terrier and the Havanese. The best way to determine the temperament of a mixed breed is to look up all breeds in the cross and know you can get any combination of any of the characteristics found in either breed. Not all of these designer hybrid dogs being bred are 50% purebred to 50% purebred. It is very common for breeders to breed multi-generation crosses.

  • DRA = Dog Registry of America, Inc.
Close up head and upper body shot of a long haired black and white dog laying across the top of a couch inside of a house in front of a window

Gadget the DNA tested Boston Terrier / Havanese mix breed dog at 11 months old.

A black and white long coated scruffy dog laying down chewing on a pink, yellow. green and white rope toy

Gadget the DNA tested Boston Terrier / Havanese mix breed dog at 11 months old.

Looking down at a black and white terrier dog licking his nose while standing outside in snow

Gadget the DNA tested Boston Terrier / Havanese mix breed dog at 11 months old.

A soft-looking little tan, black and white puppy with white tipped paws laying down on a tan tiled floor chewing on a bully stick with a person's foot in front of her

"Our puppy Bella is approximately 12 weeks old in this picture. She was rescued from an Ohio puppy mill. She is exhibiting traits of the Boston Terrier in that she is very alert and gentle. Her coat is brindle colored,short, sleek and soft, with long black puppy hair. Her tail is long like the Havanese. She is sensitive to your tone of voice. She only barks when she plays with the other dogs or when she's unhappy about being left alone. She then whines with a high pitch. Bella has been easily training with her 14 year old person who has taught her to sit, lay down, and fetch after only a week. She is very energetic and playful with people and other pets. She is very friendly and loves to meet new people and dogs, and loves to cuddle in your lap or at least be touching you in some way. Bella is very eager to please and loves to learn new things. She is paper training very well and loves to be outside or inside wherever her people are. She is very agile and leaps off the back porch rather than taking the stairs in her hurry to go on outdoor adventures. She requires lots of interaction with her family and is very affectionate."