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List of Alaskan Husky Mix Breed Dogs

View from the top looking down at a thick coated, white dog with perk ears that are pinned back, a brown nose and black eye rims with blue eyes laying down on a white tiled floor.

"I rescued Cali our Alaskan Husky mix from The Anne Arundle county pound. She was a pup there that was adopted to an older man who lived in an apartment and a few months later he brought her back "unable to handle her". She was hugging the cage door looking sad and a bit scary with her blue eyes. I fell in love and took her home. Cali has all the Husky traits, she loves to run, dig and talk. It's hard to keep her coat clean because her favorite pass time is laying in the holes she digs. (image is where my daughter took eye brow pencil to Cali, giving her eye brows)"

Other Alaskan Husky Dog Breed Names
  • Husky