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List of Maltese Mix Breed Dogs

A soft looking, long coated tan and black dog with ears that hang out and down to the sides, round brown eyes, and a black nose sitting down on a hot pink blanket on top of a hardwood floor while connected to a black leash.

Liya the Maltese / Yorkie mix breed dog (Yorktese)

  • Maltese x American Rat Terrier mix = Ratese
  • Maltese x Beagle mix = Malteagle
  • Maltese x Bichon mix = Maltichon
  • Maltese x Biewer Terrier mix = Morkshire Terrier
  • Maltese x Boston Terrier mix = Boston Malterrier
  • Maltese x Cairn Terrier mix = Cairmal
  • Maltese x Cavachon mix = Malton
  • Maltese x Cavalier King Charles mix = Cav-A-Malt
  • Maltese x Chihuahua mix = Malchi
  • Maltese x Chinese Crested mix = Crested Malt
  • Maltese x Cocker Spaniel mix = Silky Cocker
  • Maltese x Coton de Tulear mix = Cotonese
  • Maltese x Dachshund mix = Mauxie
  • Maltese x German Shepherd mix = Sheptese
  • Maltese x Great Pyrenees mix = Malti-Py
  • Maltese x Havanese mix = Havamalt
  • Maltese x Japanese Chin mix = Jatese
  • Maltese x Lhasa Apso mix = Lhatese
  • Maltese x Mi-Ki mix = Mi-kitese
  • Maltese x Miniature Pinscher mix = Malti-Pin
  • Maltese x Miniature Schnauzer mix = Mauzer
  • Maltese x Norwich Terrier mix = Nortese
  • Maltese x Papillon mix = Papitese
  • Maltese x Pekingese mix = Peke-A-Tese
  • Maltese x Pomeranian mix = Maltipom
  • Maltese x Poodle mix = Malti-Poo
  • Maltese x Pug mix = Malti-Pug
  • Maltese x Russkaya Tsvetnaya Bolonka mix = Balonkatese
  • Maltese x Schipperke mix = Schipese
  • Maltese x Scottish Terrier mix = Scottese
  • Maltese x Shih Tzu mix = Mal-Shi
  • Maltese x Silky Terrier mix = Silkese
  • Maltese x Tibetan Spaniel mix = Tibetan Spaltese
  • Maltese x Welsh Corgi mix = Cortese
  • Maltese x West Highland White Terrier (Westie) mix = Highland Maltie
  • Maltese x Yorkshire Terrier mix = Yorktese
Other Maltese Dog Breed Names
  • Maltese Lion dog