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Imo-Inu Pictures

American Eskimo / Shiba Inu Mixed Breed Dogs

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A white thick coated fluffy dog with wide dark eyes and perk ears laying down on a hardwood floor looking up

Ina the Shiba Inu / Eskimo mix breed dog—"I got Ina when she was 12-weeks-old. She was a lively, smart and inquisitive puppy! A real handful. I hand signal trained her from the start and was very strick with her. To burn off her excess energy we started agility classes. We did agility for 4 years and then her trainer suggested therapy dog work. She's 8 years old now and we visit Alzheimer's and Dementia units, work she loves and the patients love her! She's an amazing dog! So gentle, sensitive and loving. Downside she is nervous and sometimes aloof but if you want to work for an amazing companion that will work for you... this is the dog mix you want."

Other Names
  • Eskinu
  • Imo Inu
  • Shiba-mos
A black Imo-Inu puppy is being held up in the air in front of a red wall.

Eskinu puppy at 8 weeks old, photo courtesy of D&D's Kennel

A white Imo-Inu is wearing a blue bandana. It has a green tennis ball in its mouth as it runs down a sidewalk

Shilo the Shiba Inu / Eskimo mix (Imo-Inu) at 3 years old

A tan with white Imo-Inu puppy is laying on a pillow on a human's bed with a blanket behind it.

Stryder the Imo-Inu (American Eskimo / Shiba Inu mix) as a puppy at 10 weeks old—Eskimo (mother) x Shiba (father)

A grey with white Imo-Inu puppy is in being held in the air by a person that is standing behind it.

Hachiko the Imo-Inu puppy at 3 months old— "Hachiko is my first dog. He is active and always curious with so many things. He experienced hair shedding and I consulted a vet and right now he is doing good!"

A pure white dog with dark lips, nose and eyes sitting down in the sand at the beach with toys behind her

Ina the Shiba Inu / American Eskimo mix breed dog at the beach

A pure white dog with large perk ears and wide round dark eyes laying down on a carpet with a plush dog toy in front of her

Ina the Shiba Inu / American Eskimo mix breed dog playing with her toys