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Lhasa Apso Pictures

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A white with tan Lhasa Apso is sitting on its hind legs and has its front paws in the air. Its mouth is open and tongue is out. The words 'Does this teddy bear suit make me look fat?' are overlayed on the left of the image.

"This is Sam (nickname: Samberghini), a Lhasa Alpso. In this picture he is 10 months old, believe it or not. He loves to sit in this position and will do it whenever he wants to play, go potty, get attention, or just about anything that suits his fancy. He usually will push his paws together like a seal and make a rather unusual grunting noise. We didn't teach him this; he just seems to know we love it. I guess he came pre-programmed with tricks. When we got him, he was very sad and scared. He didn't play like the other puppies. But with a lot of love and attention he has turned out to be the best, happiest dog ever. He is truly a ham. We love our Samberghini. I named him Sam after my good friend. He was a wonderful little Japanese man and I missed him and saying his name when he passed away a couple of years back, so for this little guy, Sam it was."

Two white with tan Lhasa Apso dogs are laying on a brown wicker couch with pillows behind them on a white tiled floor and looking back. Both of their heads are slightly tilted to the right.

Lhasa Apsos—"Sam at one and a half years old (right) and Missy (left) (nickname; Miso soup) at ten months old. Missy is in love with Sam, he is her mommy. She loves to play tag. In the morning she runs up to Sam and snuggles all over him. He loves her and gently gives her a bath of kisses, and then they wrestle like maniacs. Match made in heaven for all of us. Truly. We always made fun of people and their dogs. You know, those "dog people." Well, guess what, I'm a "dog person" now. Never say never."

Front view - A tan with white Lhasa Apso is standing on a carpet and it is wearing a red bandana. Its hair is long on its head covering its eyes.

Einstein the Lhasa Apso at 10½ years old—"He is from Australia, lived in Hawaii, drove cross-country from California to North Carolina, and last but not least home to Texas! He has been the best pet and member of our family, he loves everyone and does therapy work with the elderly and special-needs children. His best friend is a miniature pig named Sophie."

A tan with white Lhasa Apso is wearing a baby-blue bow in its top knot laying on a brown and blue couch.

Abby the Lhasa Apso at 8 months old—"She is a true joy. She is stubborn, which is a breed trait, but will do just about anything for a treat."

A black with tan and white Lhasa Apso is laying on a blanket behind a tan with grey Lhasa Apso puppy. The blanket has a picture of rough see water and a wooden house on shore.

This is 3-year-old Sadie and her daughter 5-month-old Nikki.

A small, fluffy white with black Lhasa Apso puppy is standing in grass looking at the ground.

This is Tai-Lei. She is 3 months old in this picture.

A white with brown Lhasa Apso puppy and a tan with white Lhasa Apso puppy are laying next to each other on a pink backdrop.

Lhasa Apso puppies—Photo courtesy of Spooner's Lhasa Babies

A tan and white longhaired Lhasa Apso is standing on a table and behind it is a person posing it in a stack.

This is SWE.N.DK.CH BISS Whisborne Heatwave. Photo courtesy of Jenny Eriksson, Dream House

A white with grey Lhasa Apso is sitting on a brown couch and behind it is a pillow and a person petting it.

Ditto the Lhasa Apso at 6 years old

A brown with black Lhasa Apso is stretched out laying out on a tan carpet and looking up, its head is tilted to the right.

This is 1-year-old Sadie, a Lhasa Apso spread out on the floor.