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Olde English Bulldogge Pictures

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A little brown brindle and white puppy with dark eyes and a pink and black nose sitting down looking up

"This is our newest baby. She's a 6 week old, 7 lb. Olde English Bulldogge officially named RCC's Fourth Leaf Chlover, or Chloe for short. We've only had her four days but she is awesome and seems to be shadowing my Boston Terrier quite well though she takes a few more naps in the course of a day. The whining / howling all night is beginning to go away as she is getting used to her new environment. We're trying to keep her chewing habits to dog toys and treats but that's a work in progress."

Other Names
  • Olde Bulldog
  • Olde Bulldogge
  • Old Bulldog
  • Old Bulldogge
  • OEB
  • Old English Bulldog
A person in a hot pink shirt holding a little white and brown brindle puppy over their shoulder

Chloe the Olde English Bulldogge puppy at 6 weeks old

A wide-chested, muscular white dog with tan spots and a docked short tail standing in grass

"This is Bubba, a 1-year-old Olde English Bulldogge. He is an amazing boy, so smart and great with people and other dogs."

A white and tan dog with a big head, a large pink tongue, dark eyes, rose ears and wrinkles under his eyes outside in grass smiling

Bubba the Olde English Bulldogge at 1 year old

A large breed tan and white dog with black pigmant spots on his skin on the inside of his leg laying down on a couch

Bubba the Olde English Bulldogge at 1 year old

A little white, wrinkly puppy with black spots on her ears wearing a pink collar sitting down

"Sasha is an Olde English Bulldogge puppy. She is very rambunctious, but friendly. She loves playing with other animals and she's great with kids. She is definitely a chewer, so we have to keep lots of toys around the house for her. I'm a first time dog owner, and it's been a pleasure to have her around. Everyone falls in love with her!"

A thick-bodied white bulldog puppy with black spots on her back and ears laying down in the grass

Sasha the Olde English Bulldogge puppy.

A wide-chested white dog with pink pigment around her eyes, a black nose and black lips sitting down outside on a brick walkway next to grass

Sasha the Olde English Bulldogge puppy.