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Pitsky Pictures

American Pit Bull Terrier / Siberian Husky or Alaskan Husky Mixed Breed Dogs

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Front side view - A perk-eared, white with tan Pitsky is standing in grass next to a tree and its head is level with its body and tail is being held low.

Chip the Alaskan Husky / Pit Bull Terrier mix—"Chip is a cross between an Alaskan Husky and a Pit Bull Terrier. Chip was previously owned by my grandparents who rescued him from a shelter in Alaska. He was there traveling buddy for many years. I have taken him in due to the fact that my grandparents went to a nursing home and could not have him there. He is the best dog. He stands and watches out for my children as they play outside. He gets very goofy in the morning when he believes it is time to get up. He will put his chin on the bed and make this funny growling noise (kind of a playful opened mouth growl) until I pet him. I still have to get vet records for him, so I am assuming he is approximately 11 to 13 years old in these pictures. He is such a calm dog when it comes to people. He likes to bark at anyone walking past our yard, but does not ever leave the yard. He likes to chase rabbits and squirrels and chipmunks. I feel my dog is balanced as a canine, he has the strength of Pit Bull and the endurance of Alaskan Husky. He is gentle and his favorite thing is to get brushed, he will let you brush him for hours. We have to feed him raw meat mixed in with a little dry dog food or he won't eat at all. Chip is a very well mannered dog. The little quirk he has is opening his mouth all the way and making that growling noise if he wants you to brush him or let him in from outside or pet him."

Left Profile - A shhort haired, perk eared, white with tan Pitsky is standing in grass next to a large tree looking forward. There is a black car parked behind it.

Chip the Alaskan Husky / Pit Bull Terrier mix

Close up side view head shot of a short-haired, thick-coated, white with tan Pitsky wearing a red collar sniffing an item that a person is holding in the palm of their hand.

Chip the Alaskan Husky / Pit Bull Terrier mix

Front view - A perk-eared, shhort-haired, thick-coated, white with tan Pitsky is laying on a carpet looking down.

Chip the Alaskan Husky / Pit Bull Terrier mix

Front view head and upper body shot - A rose-eared, short-haired, white with tan Pitsky, with two different colored eyes one blue and one brown.

"Lexie is a female Pitbull / Husky mix shown here at 2 1/2 years old. She was a rescue dog that had a pretty rough start, but she sure has over come it! She is a high energy couch potato. She loves to play with my 6-year-old Lab and my Pointer / Terrier mix. She goes to work with me sometimes so she can play with her best friend, my boss's Pit / Lab mix! She loves toys and will do anything for a tennis ball. She has the best temperament. She is wonderful with children and never sees a stranger. Sometimes she is a little nervous and fearful of new dogs, but after a little bit she warms up to them. She is a pretty quiet dog unless she wants something. I really couldn't have asked for a better dog. The only problem that I have with her is that if I leave her out in the house when I am gone she is very destructive. Once she chewed 6 holes in the wall, so if I am going to be gone for a while I have to crate her. She is a diva and my child. I have watched the Dog Whisper and have found a lot of his methods to be quite helpful. I have a total of 5 dogs, all of which have completely different personalities. Through watching him I have learned some ways to help deal with my Lab's dominance aggression, barking problem and I have become able to control her on a leash with out her pulling me around."

Side view - A tan with white rose-eared, short-haired, Pitsky is sleeping on a human's bed covered in maroon blankets with its head on a maroon pillow.

Lexie the Pitt Bull / Husky mix at 2 1/2 years old

A rose-eared, short-haired, tan with white Pitsky standing on a hard wood floor looking up. The dog is wearing a pink shirt with a cupcake on the back. It has two different colored eyes one brown and one blue.

Lexie the Pitt Bull / Husky mix at 2 1/2 years old