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Keeping Goats as Pets

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Four goats are standing in grass in front of a chain link fence. Two of them have their front legs on the fence so their faces are over the top.
Five goats are standing in dirt and two of the goats are licking a large salt lick.

Pictured from right to left are Sweet-Pea, Greg, Mary-Sue, Billy-Bob and Jim-Bob licking the salt lick.

Six Goats are standing around a salt lick. Three Goats are licking it.

Jim-Bob gives Peter a buck in the head for thinking about getting a lick in.

Three black goats are standing outside. The middle Goat is looking up and to the  right. There is a Goat behind it that is looking forward.

Mary-Sue (back) Peter (middle) and Greg (tail end)

Three Goats are walking across grass and there is a red barn behind them.

Billy-Bob, Greg and Sweet-Pea

Three Goats are standing in grass and they are looking forward. There are two goats in the background laying down.

Jim-Bob (front) Greg (left) Peter (middle) Mary-Sue and Sweat-Pea (lying in the back)

A line of five Goats are standing in front of a chainlink fence. There is a barn red lean-to behind them.

From left to right: Sweat-Pea, Mary-Sue, Greg, Peter, Jim-Bob and Billy-Bob

Close up - A black with white goat is standing next to a chain link fence looking up. There is a second black goat next to it.

Greg, those are some big horns!

A brown, black and white Nubian goat is eating corn flakes cereal off of the driveway and there is a vehicle behind it.

Jeb the Nubian goat enjoying a box of cereal

Left Profile - A brown with white and black goat is standing in grass. Its mouth is open.


Close up - Two Goats are trying to get through a fence with there face. The goat on the left has its mouth open and tongue out.

Rosie and Bambi, two Nigerian dwarf goats

A black pygmy goat is standing at the edge of grass looking to the right. Its head is level with its body.

Reilly the pygmy goat

Close up - A white with black goat is standing across a grass and wood chips looking at the camera. It has a long beard. Close up Left Profile - The head of a brown with white and black Goat is preparing to eat a treat out of a persons hand.