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Guinea Finally Free Range!

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View from inside the barn. The coop door is open and the barn door is open

After waiting a few days for the guineas to figure out how to get in and out the top open barn stall door, I decided it is time to just leave the bottom door open, too. They just didn't get it, they were not brave enough to fly out the top door and stay out for any length of time. When I left the bottom coop door and the barn door going to the outside open, the guineas came out! Maybe after free ranging for a few days they will start to use the top coop door.

The guineas are walking in a flock outside, sticking close together. There is a black with white cat following behind them A flock of guinea fowl are standing outside and meeting a flock of ducks

The guineas meet the ducks!

A flock of guineas are walking to the left outside and the flock of ducks are not moving. There is a black with white cat in the background laying down next to the barn

The guineas were very loud around the ducks but soon got used to their presence and quieted down.

A flock of guineas are standing in a group in a yard near a bunch of trees. There is a white with brown Bulldog stretching forward and looking at the guinea fowl

Spike the Bulldog checking out the guineas.

A grey and white cat is clawing at a tree next to the flock of guinea fowl birds

Which one doesn't belong?

The guinea fowl are standing together under a tree. A fawn Boxer dog and white with brown bulldog are moving toward the birds. There is a flock of ducks standing near a barn. There is a grey and white cat sitting next to the ducks

Dogs, ducks, guineas and cats all checking each other out.

A flock of ducks are standing under a tree. A black with white cat is laying to the right of them. To the right of the cat there is a flock of guinea fowl pecking at the dirt. They are all next to the barn.