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Keeping Rats as Pets - Pictures

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A peach-fuzz hairless rat is climbing down a persons arm looking down.

Clue, a peach-fuzz hairless rat

A tan and white Dumbo rat is laying in a persons hand inspecting the person's pinky.

Fanta, a 5-week-old Dumbo rat

A tan with white dumbo rat is standing behind a yellow wood block in a cage looking forward.

Bailey, a hooded rat

Close up view from the top looking down - A black and white variegated Rat is standing in a basket filled with cloth and it is looking forward.

Maiyu, a variegated rat

A black and white hooded Rat is standing on a green carpet looking to the right. There is a cage behind it.

Remmy, a hooded rat

Close up - A black and white hooded Rat is standing on top of papers looking forward.

"Klardae (R.I.P. Feb. 19, 2007-April 29, 2008) was a black hooded rat. Klardae was a sweet rat, she always wanted to be near you, and she loved to get scratches and be on your lap."

Close up - A black Berkshire Fancy rat is laying across a persons leg and it is looking down over the edge. The person is outside and sitting on a wooden bench.

"Zinc is a black Berkshire fancy rat. She is, first and foremost, a neat freak. She will spend 30 minutes non-stop grooming. If you give her food on the floor, she'll take it into her hide box in the rat room. If you put something in her shoebox on my desk, she insists on taking it out. She's also a chew freak. She seems to chew even more than most rats. If she isn't eating or grooming, she's chewing. She'll chew fingernails and hairbrushes and bamboo plants. She'll chew Gameboys and desks and zip ties. Basically, she chews anything she can get her mouth on, and caused me to need new speakers and a new mouse! She's always been a little skittish but she's warming up to people now that she has the spotlight to herself. If I'm on the bed in the rat room, which, incidentally, is also my bedroom, she'll come up to the side of the bed and stand up on her hind feet, asking to be picked up. She loves to have her head petted and will start bruxing [grinding her teeth] in happiness if you do it long enough, and eventually grooms you in return. Her favorite foods are Yogies [yogurt drops for rodents], chocolate animal crackers, and brownies. She loves to run on her wheel, so much in fact that when she runs or walks, her tail curls over her back like a husky's."

Two Rats are standing on a dvd copy of Disneys Cars and also a Nintendo DS.

"Klardae was the subordinate of the two, having always been weaker, and often got pushed around by Zinc. After Klardae died, I realized that rats don't live long enough to take their lives for granted, so I have spent more time with Zinc and thus have more info on her."

A three story rat cage.

Three-story rat cage

The bottom level of a Rat cage. There is a plastic igloo, toys and in the background a turned over can of Quaker Oats.

The bottom level of Klardae's rat cage

The second level of a rat cage with a ramp, toys and a tunnel.

The second level of the rat cage

The third level of a Rat cage that has rat toys all over it.

Second and third levels of the rat cage

A black and white Fancy Rat is standing on a persons shoulder. The Rat is looking up and to the left.

VooDoo the fancy rat

A white Rat is laying across the lap of a blonde haired Lady.

This is Hector the lab rat and Heidi, his former owner. Hector stayed with Heidi at the college through most of Heidi's graduate school (in Psychology, what else?!) before passing on to greener pastures. Heidi has now converted to a dog person. :)