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Raising a Puppy: Mia the Blue-Nose American Bully Pit—18 weeks old

A day in the life with Mia the American Bully (Bully Pit) puppy. Mia's twelfth week—18 weeks old, 34 pounds, 16 inches from the ground to the highest point of the shoulders (the withers).

A blue nose American Bully Pit is sitting in grass and her head is slightly tilted to the left. There is a wooden fence behind her.

18 weeks old (4 1/2 months)

With a 9-Year-Old

A blue nose American Bully Pit puppy is running after a child dressed in blue who is running through a field.

Mia got a chance to play with a 9-year-old little girl. I had to teach all of my other dogs not to jump on a running child, but Mia simply didn't try to jump. She was too busy watching the kid in order to figure out the game.

A blue nose American Bully Pit puppy is running across a field to try and catch up to a running child.

I had taken Mia off of her leash and she followed the kid around everywhere.

A child in blue is standing in grass and in front of her is a blue nose American Bully Pit puppy that is looking up.

When the little girl tossed a ball, Mia would run with her to fetch it. At first, Mia would pick it up and trot away with it. However, after a few times of the girl asking her to drop it and reaching to take it out of her mouth Mia started picking up the ball and turning to the kid and handing it to her, because that was the game. That's what the kid wanted so that was what they were going to do.

A blue nose American Bully Pit puppy is standing on grass and the child dressed in blue standing next to her is taking a green tennis ball out of her mouth.

Mia turning to hand the ball back after she picked it up off the ground.

A child in blue is running across a field and running behind her is a blue nose American Bully Pit puppy

And off they go again. This time the little girl picked up a stick. Oh boy, Mia loves sticks! Yet she still didn't jump on her or try and steal it from her. She gently chewed on it when the girl lowered the stick to her level. Otherwise, she waited for the game to start. Whatever game the girl picked was fun for her. Not once did Mia even attempt to jump on the little girl. When the kid stopped, Mia stopped. When the kid ran, Mia ran with her, watching her carefully for the rules of the game.

This clip shows how she began to hand the child the ball as she realized that was what the child wanted.

Then someone drove a remote-control truck in the direction they were playing. It was a truck she never saw before and she went into guard mode. Wooooooo, woooooo. Mia stood stiff on all four paws with her tail and hair up and she got between the truck and the kid. She was not going to let a strange black thing get her new friend. I told her to leave it. She looked at me as if to say, "Oh, OK" and she ignored the moving object that was still coming her way and went back to playing with the kid again.

A child in blue is kneeling and petting the chest of a blue nose Pit Bull Terrier that is laying belly up in grass.

When the 9-year-old came over to see Spencer, he rolled over on his belly. It’s just like him to try and sneak in some belly rubs whenever he can!

A kid in blue is walking across a field with a brown black and white Boxer.

She wanted to walk one of the dogs. Which dog do I hand her? Bruno, of course. A 2-year-old could walk Bruno. Bruno pays attention to whomever is holding the leash and he stays beside them.

Top down view of two dogs and a puppy drinking water outside out of a water bowl.

We filled a small bowl up with water and all three dogs drank at the same time. We refilled it over and over until each dog had enough.


A blue nose American Bully Pit is sitting on a hardwood floor, her mouth is open and her tongue is out. Behind her is a roaring fireplace.

Mia, don't lie in front of the fire if you're hot. All you have ever known is cold weather and there is such a thing as being too hot, believe it or not. Well, I got news for you pup, summer’s coming and you're going to be seeking out cold places.

Bringing Toys

Mia loves to bring people toys. If anyone leaves the house, even for 15 minutes, she will bring them a toy when they return. When guests visit the house Mia runs and snatches up a toy for them before she greets them. This video shows what she does when she gets to the person with the toy. She submissively dances around them and if you listen closely you can hear her woooooo, woooooo. Whenever we hear her “wooooo” at us we know she is carrying something in her mouth, whether it be a stick or a piece of bark that you have to look into her mouth to see. No matter what it is, she always lets you have the prize she is proudly carrying around.

Feeding Time

Mia learns to be patient at feeding time. All three dogs know their place to eat and know not to steal one another's food. The dogs are showing respect.

The Ears

Close up - A blue nose American Bully Pit puppy is sitting on a rug and next to her is a persons leg. Her ears are up.

Mia, I love your ears. They are all over the place. When you lean back they stand up and when you look straight ahead they flop back over. You have all kinds of ear-do's.

Practicing on the Leash

The back of two dogs and a puppy sitting in dirt and leaves.

After stopping to pick up Spencer's poop during a walk, Mia was all wound up and excited. She was not standing still so we waited it out and didn't move on until she calmed down. She wanted to bolt at blowing leaves and nose in the dirt and she was pulling in all different directions. Since she's short and fits right under her brothers as if walking under a bridge, this can be a leash disaster.

The back of Two dogs that are sitting in grass. There is a blue nose American Bully Pit puppy sitting behind them and looking back at the person holding there leashes and a poopy bag full of poo.

We practiced walking and then stopping and staying still, instead of weaving all over and pulling in different directions, which is something Mia needs to get better at. Little Mia, "wait" means stop and be still.

The back of two dogs and a puppy that are on leashes sitting in grass covered in leaves.

We walked some and would stop with a "wait" command and when everyone was calm we would move on.

The back of a blue nose American Bully Pit puppy sitting in grass and looking at the road to the right of her.

Mia was catching on. When we got to the part of the trail that goes along the road Mia reacted to a car that had driven by. She pulled off to the side as if it freaked her out some so we stopped and stood still, letting her watch the cars go by. From across the street a man called over asking if he could pet the Boxer. Sure, you can pet him. He was a nice, older gentleman. He crossed the road, approaching us with his body leaning slightly forward, waving his arms at the dogs. He was moving his fingers in a way that one would gesture rain falling from the sky, all while sweet-talking. This body language of leaning forward, his happy tone, and his waving arms set the dogs into play mode. Spencer began to play bow, Bruno began to pull toward him with his tongue licking the air, and Mia decided it was playtime!

The gentleman told me stories of his own dogs as he continued to wave his arms and move his fingers over the dogs’ heads. He asked if Mia and Spencer were types of Pit Bulls and if I referred to them as Bulldogs or if I called them Pit Bulls. I replied that they were types of Pit Bulls and I just called them Pits. He seemed surprised one would actually admit they owned a Pit. He asked if I was worried about them turning mean when they were older. I had replied they were just dogs and no different than any other breed. It is sad that the media has created such a stereotype as if they are "special" man-killers. He asked if the dogs ever fight with one another. "No, they don't fight." The gentleman asked if I wanted to start walking back to the main parking lot with him, but the pack had not calmed down enough yet, so I stalled a bit knowing the dogs would calm down as soon as he stopped waving his arms at them. He pointed at Mia and said, "I guess she is just playing?" I looked down at Mia and saw she was using Spencer’s neck as a tug-of-war toy. Oh, that does not look good to a human who already has her breed labeled as a killer. No wonder he asked if the dogs ever fought with one another. I picked Mia up and held her and asked Bruno and Spencer to calm down. With Mia in the air and the human changing the subject to something other than the dogs the pack began to calm. I set Mia down on the ground and they all walked relatively well. When the gentlemen said goodbye and walked in a different direction everyone went back to total calm mode. It was time to get my “killer” pack back to the van.

No Bone Stealing

A blue nose American Bully puppy is sitting on a blue orthopedic dog bed pillow and watching a blue nose Pit Bull Terrier chew on a bone.

Mia, don't even think about stealing his bone!

A blue nose American Bully puppy is walking away from a blue nose Pit Bull Terrier that is chewing on a bone.

"Mommy, you're no fun!"

Pile of Chicken

Two dogs and a puppy are sitting and standing in the middle of a mini van that has the seats removed. In front of each of them is a small pile of chicken laying on the floor mats.

We were out and about and the humans had gotten some chicken for lunch. I ordered more than I could eat knowing I would have some leftovers for the pack. What I did not think of was, I had one bowl for water, but I did not have three separate bowls for their food with me. I decided to just pull back their dog beds and put it on the rubber mats on the van floor. I told the dogs to wait as I evened out the piles.

A blue nose American Bully Pit is sitting on a dog bed, her mouth is open and her tongue is out. A blue nose Pit Bull Terrier is standing on a dog bed and looking down at a small pile of chicken in front of him. Next to the Terrier is a sitting brown with black and white Boxer, who is licking his nose. They are in the back of a van.

Now wait so I can get some pictures. Oh, the tongues are going, but they are waiting like good puppies.

Two dogs and a puppy are eating chicken that was placed in front of them in the backseat of a van.

"Get it." Good babies, only eating your own piles. Mia, you learn very quickly. Please lick it all up. I don't want chicken pieces on the floor of the van, aka The Puppy-Mobile.

Puppy No-No's

A blue nose American Bully Pit puppy is laying across from a brown with black and white Boxer, that is sleeping on a blue orthopedic dog bed pillow. The Bully Pit puppy is chewing on a pine branch.

Mia! I didn't even see you carry that pine branch inside the house! You sneaky pup. Give me that!

A blue nose American Bully Pit puppy is chewing on a pine branch and laying on a blue orthopedic dog bed pillow. There is a brown with black and white Boxer laying next to her looking to the left.

"Mom, I told you the kid was a trouble maker."

Puppy No-No's—Eating Everything

Close up - A blue nose American Bully Pit puppy is standing in grass and she has a piece of a napkin in her mouth.

I feel like a broken record, "Mia, drop it," "Mia, leave it," as we pass every cigarette butt, napkin, piece of plastic, rock, stick, clump of dirt, you name it, all kinds of everything. Does not matter what it is; she's trying to eat it.

A blue nose American Bully Pit puppy is chewing on a piece of paper in front of her. There is a persons hand touching her head.

Mia, drop that dirty napkin! Where's the hand sanitizer? Who knows what was on that old thing. Yuck!

Close up - A blue nose American Bully Pit puppy is sitting on a blacktop surface and she is looking at a piece of plastic that a person is holding in there hand.

A piece of plastic. You just can't be chewing on this, because you might decide to swallow it. Now I have your slobber all over my hands.