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Mia the Blue-Nose American Bully Pit

A day in the life with Mia the American Bully (Bully Pit) puppy. 1 year 6 months, 61 pounds, 18 1/2 inches from the ground to the highest point of the shoulders (the withers).

A blue nose American Bully Pit is sitting in grass and looking forward. Her mouth is open and tongue is out. She looks like she is smiling and her ears are pinned back a little.

1 1/2 Year Old (18 months old).

A blue nose American Bully Pit is laying across grass. Her mouth is open and tongue is out. She is looking to the right. She has a very thick body.

At the Office

A line of four dogs are standing in a waiting room with a gray floor and they are looking forward.

The dogs hanging out at work. From back left to front right-Leia the shorty Pit Bull, Spencer the Pit Bull, Bruno the Boxer, and up in front Mia the American Bully.

Camping Trip

An aerial drone shot of a campground surrounded by trees.

We took the pack on a camping trip. We were a spec in the middle of thousands of acres of woods. The drone captured a good aerial view.

A blonde haired girl and a man holding a shovel has a hammer in his hand has he works on placing a pen around a camper. Coming out of the camper is an American Pit Bull Terrier. There are three dogs sitting, laying and standing in grass right in front of the camper.

From bears to rattle snakes, the pack could not roam free. Especially with Spencer's keen hunting instincts. We built a temporary pen that surrounded the camper door for the dogs to stay in when we were not out on a hike. They could go in and out of the camper as they pleased.

Four dogs inside of a penned area around an RV camper - An American Pit Bull Terrier is sitting inside of a camper. In front of the camper are two dogs sitting and laying on a dog bed and standing directly in front of a pen is a brown brindle with black and white Boxer.
Four dogs are sleeping on dog beds inside of a camper.

The pack slept in the camper at night.

A blonde haired girl is standing inside of a pen with four dogs. In the background there are other people begining to setup there campsites.

Good morning puppies. Are you ready to go for a walk? Even though the pen was in the grass, somehow the dogs new not to pee in there. They all waited to be walked out away from the camp area to do their business. The instinct of keeping the den clean was in each and every one of them without the humans needing to tell them.

A blue nose American Bully Pit is standing in grass and she is chewing on a bone. A blue nose Pit Bull Terrier is laying on a dog bed and looking to the right.

Wooo, Wooo, I have a bone. I need a human to dance around. Hey you there with the camera, here I come. Want to chew it together?

Close up - A blue nose American Bully Pit is sitting in the doorway of a camper. She is looking forward.

Mia sitting inside the camper door.

Close up - A blue nose American Bully Pit is sitting flat on her butt in the doorway of a camper. She is looking up.

Did you catch my good side?

A top down view of four dogs sharing a bowl of water.

A pack of thirsty dogs sharing the water bowl after a hike.

Four dogs are sitting and standing around an empty bowl of water.