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Mia the Blue-Nose American Bully Pit

A day in the life with Mia the American Bully (Bully Pit) puppy. 1 year 9 months, 61 pounds, 18 1/2 inches from the ground to the highest point of the shoulders (the withers).

A blue nose American Bully Pit is sitting on a black top surface her mouth is open and her tongue is out. She is looking forward. Her chest is very wide.

About 1 1/2 Year Old (21 months old).

Pushing the Limit

Three dogs in the middle section of a mini van - A blue nose American Bully Pit is laying down on a dog bed. There is a blue Pit Bull Terrier laying next to her and behind her is a brown brindle with black and white Boxer.

"Mom, are you sure I have to stay in here?"

A Gift

A blue nose American Bully Pit is running across a hardwood floor. Her mouth is open and she is chewing on a stick.

I called all of the dogs inside the house. Right before Mia reached the door she scooped up a leaf in one flowing motion and carried it inside. She then proceeded to woooo at all humans with her tail wagging and her head bobbing up and down as she turned in circles. Something she does still to this day, several times a day. Needless to say I end up with odd objects of nature all over the house. There is never a question of why that stick is laying in the living room. Everyone knows it must have been Mia.

Close up - A stick in the mouth of a dog.

This antic of hers carries over to the walks, when she seamlessly scoops up an object as she is passing by it. I have to tell he to drop it, for fear she will eat whatever it was she picked up. In this case a piece of wood. "Mia, let me get a picture of that before you put it back down".

Knoebels Grove

A Knoebels sign over a road that reads 'Welcome to Knoebels America's finest family fun park'.

Almost at Knoebels!

The back of a blue nose American Bully that is sitting next to another dog. They are standing in gravel and there are a lot of people in the background.

Mia does great, watching all of the people and for the most part, ignoring all of the rides, accept for giving some of them a very curious look.

A man in a red shirt is sitting on a bench under a pavilion out of the rain and he is holding the leash of a brown brindle with black and white Boxer and an American Bully dog.

They even seemed to enjoy waiting out the brief rain storm that passed through. They people watched under the picnic pavilion. They had no interest in getting wet however! Especially Spencer the Pit Bull, who very much dislikes getting his paws wet, but loves smelling the air when a storm rolls through as long as he remains dry.

Three dogs are standing in a small stream. There is a brown brindle with black and white Boxer with his mouth open and tongue out.

After walking in the park we visit the stream behind where we parked our RV. It is hard to tell from the picture, but Spencer's paws are carefully up on rocks to keep them dry.

The left side of a happy-looking  blue nose American Bully Pit looking forward with her tongue hanging out.

Mia however does not think twice about playing in the water. She cools herself off and gets a drink.

A blue nose Pit Bull Terrier is sitting on a carpet in a camper next to A blue nose American Bully Pit. Both of ther mouths are open and tongues are out and they look happy.

The dogs are happy to be able to hang out in the air conditioned RV. While they love being out in the park, an entire day of non-stop walking in the heat would be too much for any dog.

Road Trips

A blonde haired girl in a sun dress is standing in grass and she is holding the leash of four large dogs.

Sara holding the pack, Spencer the Pit Bull, Bruno the Boxer, Leia the Pit Bull and Mia the American Bully at a rest stop on one of their many road trips.

A blue nose American Bully Pit is standing in sand with the rush of the waves flowing water across her paws.

Mia playing in the water at the beach.

Brave, but Not a Fighter

Dog Hunting Not Playing

Mia is a brave little girl and while she may have an alpha attitude, she is not a fighter. She has yet to start or participate in an aggressive conflict with another dog. She will harass and toy with another dog, especially Spencer the Pit Bull who is the back of the line type, but she refrains from a real fight. Even when she was a few feet from Bruno the Boxer and Leia the Pit Bull when they got into a fight, Mia did not join in. She had stood back and watched. This video shows Amie's rescued Pit Bull Leia approaching Mia and Spencer in a hunting prey manner. Some might mistake Leia's (green collar) actions as play, but she was not playing. Watch her appear from behind the van in a hunting pose, not a playing posture. She was approaching Mia the American Bully (pink collar) and Spencer the Pit Bull (on the dog bed). Leia got down low on the prowl and pounced in for the attack with her tail up, chest bumping with Mia the American Bully (pink collar) who braced herself for the impact. Mia said it all when the normally very playful dog didn't play back. She froze, ignored and then removed herself from the situation, calmly but not fearfully walking behind the human for protection. She turned down Leia. "I want no parts of you right now", said Mia. Even IF Leia was inviting play, it wasn't a real nice way of playing and Mia wasn't having it. Too intense for her and Spencer. Notice how when the human walked outside Leia's tail went from straight up to a lower position. She knew her actions were not acceptable and she backed down immediately. After it was all over Bruno the Boxer appeared from around the corner. It's a good thing he was not there because while Bruno is not dog aggressive, unlike Spencer the Pit Bull and Mia the American Bully, unless there is a human present that Bruno feels can handle the situation, he will often take matters into his own paws and try and correct other dogs if they get out of line or challenge him. This was caught on a webcam. The human had heard something that didn't sound good outside, but by the time she got out the door it was over and she had not seen anything. She could only speculate and later confirmed what she thought by watching the webcam footage.