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Raising a Puppy: Mia the Blue-Nose American Bully Pit—30 weeks old

A day in the life with Mia the American Bully (Bully Pit) puppy. 30 weeks old, 57 pounds, 18 1/2 inches from the ground to the highest point of the shoulders (the withers).

A big headed, wide chested, blue nose American Bully is sitting on grass and she is looking forward. There is a wooden fence behind her.

30 weeks old (7 months)

In Heat

drips of blood on a hardwood floor.

After 12 days of bleeding Mia seemed to have stopped, so I had not put her pants on. The next morning I discovered I was wrong when I spotted drips of blood all over the floor and saw her leaking again.

A blood stain on a stone tile.A drop of blood on a stone tile.A blue nose American Bully in a diaper is standing across a tiled floor. There is a bowl of food in front of her and she is looking forward.

Time to put the pants back on.

The Other Heat

A blue nose American Bully Pit is standing on a porch and licking pieces of ice. There is a cat across from her doing the samething.

It's almost summer and Mia is getting a taste of hot weather. I tossed some ice out the door and Mia and Kung Fu Kitty share it as Mini the cat watches from the glider. Mini is not into eating an ice cube, she prefers real food.

Mia loves playing in her pool. She puts her face into the water and blows bubbles as she swishes her head around.

A blue nose Pit Bull Terrier and a blue nose American Bully Pit are laying on a dog bed that is on a stone porch in front of a white farmhouse and chewing on bones.

After swimming in the pool Mia finds a bone in the yard and lies down next to Spencer to chew it. Her habit of trying to steal all of the other dog's bones and toys is no longer a top priority in her mind, which allows her to relax.

Feeding Time

A blue nose American Bully Pit is sitting on a tiled floor and she is looking forward with a food bowl next to her.

When I feed the dogs, once in a while, Mia will sit down and look at me as if she is waiting for something better to eat. Once or twice a week if we have left over meat (chicken or grass fed beef) I will feed the dogs the meat in place of the can food on top of their kibble. Bruno and Spencer always happily eat whatever is placed in front of them at mealtime, which is always a high quality, grain free meal.

A blue nose American Bully Pit wearing a diaper is standing on a tiled floor and eating out of a food bowl.

After Mia realizes she is not getting anything else she will begin to eat. It crossed my mind that maybe she is waiting for Bruno and Spencer to finish before she begins, as it is about the same time the older two dogs finish that she will begin to eat, but that is also about the same time I will pick up the bowls if she is still sitting there whether she has eaten or not. I never pick up a bowl on a dog who is eating. If I pick up her uneaten food at breakfast, she always eagerly eats her dinner. If I add some shaker Parmesan cheese or peanut butter on top of her food she will start to eat right away. She also does not wait on left over meat days, therefore I am assuming she is just waiting to see if she can get something better placed in her dish.

Silly Girl

A blue nose American Bully Pit is wearing a diaper and she is laying on her back belly-up in a dog crate.

Mia sleeping up-side-down in her crate. She opened her eyes right before I took the picture.

Peanut butter licking dogs

Out and About

A blue nose American Bully Pit, A brown with black and white Boxer and a blue nose Pit Bull Terrier are sitting in the middle area of a mini  van. Two of the dogs mouths are open and tongues are out.

Mia loves to travel around with the pack.

Two dogs are standing in a parking lot and in front of them is a sitting American Bully Pit. There is a person standing behind them holding there leashes.

Mia with Spencer the Pit Bull and Bruno the Boxer

Human No-Nos

Close up - A blue nose American Bully Pit is licking out of a cup.

Caving in to the puppy eyes...