The words Dog Breed Info with the letter D inside of a black paw print

Mia the Blue-Nose American Bully Pit

A day in the life with Mia the American Bully (Bully Pit) puppy. 3 years old, 60 pounds, 18 1/2 inches from the ground to the highest point of the shoulders (the withers).

A wide, muscular gray dog with white on her chest and down her blaze with a gray nose and white on the tips of her paws sitting in the grass with her ears pinned back looking happy with a white and brown paint pony and a black goat in the background.

3 Years Old

A People Dog

A gray dog with white paws squeezing under a bathroom stall while a person is on the toilet.

Mia is most definitely a people dog. While Spencer is happy to go off on his own or stay back inside the house if he does not care for the weather outside, Mia wants to come with the humans. Everywhere. You think you could pee by yourself at least at work, but NO she wants to come with you for that too.

A gray dog with a big head and a white blaze down its head to its snout and white on the tip of her paw crawling under a bathroom stall looking up at the person on the toilet.

"Hey, what ya doing in here? Can I come in?"

A wide, thick, well muscled bully looking dog with her front paws up on an aluminum trailer that is attached to a Honda side by side. There is a man working behind her.

Working on a project? Have no fear, Mia is here!

A wide, thick, well muscled bully looking dog in mid howl with her ears pinned back with her front paws up on an aluminum trailer that is attached to a Honda side by side. There is a man in a black shirt working behind her.

Are you sassing me, again?

A man in a black shirt and blue jeans working on an aluminum trailer that is attached to a Honda side by side. There is a gray and white dog with her front paws up on the hitch looking at the man.

Um, Mia. Do not, I repeat, do not lick me in the face. What's all that dirt on your nose from?

A girl taking a selfie in the woods with two gray dogs. One dog is right next to her and the other dog is laying down in the distance.

Picking up broken glass on a trail in the woods. Told the dogs to "stay". Spencer is exactly where I first gave the command. Mia's version of "stay" is to remain in licking distance at all times.

A New Friend


We introduce Mia to Sailor, a red nose Pit Bull rescued from a city pound.

Four pit bull dogs on the side of a hill with a wooden split rail fence behind them. There is a girl dressed in black and gray holding the leashes of two of the dogs which are gray and white and red and white.

Mia with Spencer and Amie holding Leia and Sailor


The pack from left to right, Sailor, Leia, Spencer and Mia

A red-nose pit bull sitting down in front of a stone building with a girl holding her leash and a blue nose pit bull standing to the right of them. In front of them are two sitting dogs, a blue nose brindle pit bull and a solid blue with white dog. All of the dogs are wearing winter jackets.

The pack out for a walk. Back Sailor and Leia. Front Spencer and Mia

Open Car Doors

Two large breed dogs in the back of a gray toyota sequoia car with the back hatch open. The dogs are looking to the right and sitting on a purple towel.

We still strictly enforce the rule that an open car door is not an invitation to jump out. It's one of the more important rules if you are to ever travel with your dog. Safety first.

Front view of two alert looking pit bull dogs looking forward inside of an open car door.

Mia and Spencer spot a squirrel on the fence in front of them, yet they do not jump out of the van. Good babies. But I would never leave you unattended with an open car door in an unsafe area. Look at the two of you shaking in excitement. You would love to chase that thing down the town streets. But not today.

Two large breed gray pit bull dogs in the back of a blue toyota fj cruiser with the back door wide open. The dogs are looking to the right.Two blue nose pit bull dogs inside of a Ford F350 truck on top of a blanket with the door open and a person holding two retractable leashes in front of them.

"Mia, it looks like we are going to be allowed to get out soon. The humans just picked up the leashes!"

A man driving a green John Deere tractor through a gate with a second tractor behind him. There is a gray dog on the other side of the open gate watching.

Same deal with open gates.

Camping Trip

A little kid in a gray shirt and blue jeans standing in grass petting a gray with white short thick muscled dog. The dog looks happy. There is a dog bed and a second gray dog behind them.

Mia loves little kids. This child came to visit her during one of our camping trips and Mia could not have been happier.

Two gray dogs sleeping inside of a green tent covered up by a gray sleeping bag.

Both dogs love sleeping in the tent

Puppy No Nos

A gray with white well muscled dog laying down on a dog bed outside that has blue stuffing on top of it. The dog is looking over at the camera with her ears pinned back.

Um, Mia. Did you seriously just pull all of that stuffing out of your dog bed?

A gray dog with a white blaze down the front of her snout standing ona brown dog bed outside in a stone driveway. The bed is on top of a board and it has blue stuffing all over it.

NO! Don't eat it!