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Mia the Blue-Nose American Bully Pit

A day in the life with Mia the American Bully (Bully Pit) puppy. 4 years old, 60 pounds, 18 1/2 inches from the ground to the highest point of the shoulders (the withers).

A thick, wide-chested, muscular gray dog with a white blaze down her face, a white chest and white paws, one ear up and one ear bent over at the tip sitting in grass looking up

4 Years Old

Her Eyesight

A thick bodied gray and white dog leaping into the air in front of a gray brindle pit bull dog playing on a wooden deck outside

Mia definitely has a pushy, crazy side, but most of the time she is relatively calm and relaxed. Part of the reason her calm side comes out over the crazy is how much time I am able to spend with her. I bring her to work with me every day and most of our non-work plans also include the dogs. Mia knows the daily routines. The breaking point with her behavior was when I realized most of her problem was that she cannot see very well. She has poor eyesight. That is what makes her unsure about some new situations.

Head shot of a large gray and white dog sniffing a paper towel in front of an old card table that has a painted flower on it

Mia uses her nose to see. If I am going to clean her ears I let her smell the paper towel, then she allows me to clean the inside of her ear, but as soon as I pull the paper towel back out she smells it, quickly and intensely. She wants to smell the dirt that came from her ear. If I do not let her she twists and turns and will not stay still. When I take the time to allow her to use her nose to see what I am doing she will allow me to do it again. She wears a GPS tracker collar and when I change the battery she wants to smell everything before, during and after I do it. It seems simple enough, but it was that fact that helped me truly understand her. She wants to be with her people all of the time. I do not think she would do well at all as a crated dog at home all day while her pack was at work. She is loving, but easily spooked by strange things and I pin pointed that to her eyesight.

Morning Hello

A gray and white, whide chested, big headed dog with an elk horn in her mouth and a person's leg wearing a white sneaker in front of her

Every morning without fail, as soon as Mia hears us wake up she goes to her toy bin, picks up one of her bones or toys and brings it into the bedroom. She wiggles and woo's, dancing around both Stephen and I with the object in her mouth for a few minutes before she returns to her bed to wait for her breakfast.

Side view of a gray and white muscular, short haired dog with a horn in her mouth and a paw on a brown wooden coffee table that has a cup of tea on it with a person sitting on a couch next to the dog

Mia, thank you for gifting me with your tasty horn, but the paw! You can't put your paws on the coffee table. Don't spill my cup of tea little girl!

A short coated gray dog with a white chest and paws carrying a dried up brown leaf in her mouth while walking next to a person in a driveway

Awwww, thank you for bringing me a leaf. Every human needs a daily leaf.

A gray muscular dog carrying a long stick across a driveway

Now I get a stick! Thank you, girl!

A gray muscular dog carrying an empty water bottle in her mouth while curled in a U outside in a driveway

Mia, you gonna share some of that water?

The Pack

Four dogs, a red nose and three blue nose pit bulls outside in a driveway next to a person sitting on a bench

Sailor, Mia, Leia and Spencer

Four dogs, a red nose and three blue nose pit bulls being walked by three people down a snowy road

The pack going for a walk on a snowy day

Pitty Kisses

Two gray dogs with big heads kissing the chin of a lady in a teal blue hat