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Saint Shepherd Pictures

Saint Bernard / German Shepherd Mixed Breed Dogs

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An extra large breed dog with a thick, long tan, black and white coat, large ears that stand up and a long tail that curls in a U laying in green grass with two dirty tennis balls in front of his paws with his big pink tongue hanging out

"This is Wally, an approximate 4.5 year old St. Bernard/German Shepherd mix dog that we own. Wally was abandoned in a WalMart parking lot (hence his name) in Davenport, IA. A car screeched to a stop, the driver was yelling at the dog, pushed him out, then sped off. He was severely underweight and full of fleas/ticks. The K-9 Kindness Rescue in Davenport nursed him back to health and my wife and I then adopted him. The vet believes he was about one year old when he was rescued. Everyone, including ourselves, wondered his breed so we did a DNA test that came back as a Saint Bernard / German Shepherd mix. He is 120 pounds, but a true gentle giant. The perfect dog (except for his constant shedding). We have another rescued 10 year old Rottweiler mix dog (Muggles) and two cats and it is a love-fest between them. We are so grateful and fortunate that the K9 Kindness Rescue chose us to adopt Wally out of over 30 adoption applications. We also adopted Muggles from K9 Kindness when she was a puppy."

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On the left is a head shot of a huge tan and black dog with very large prick ears, a big long muzzle with a black nose inside of a car with rope around his neck and on the right a head shot of the same dog looking healthier and happier

Wally then and now

A large, thick coated, tan dog with black, brown and white on his underside and paws running in the snow with a tennis ball in his mouth

Wally the Saint Bernard / German Shepherd mix at about 4 years old playing ball in the snow.

A huge, thick coated, tan, black and white dog with a large head and thick body sitting on the lap of a man in a brown recliner

Wally the Saint Bernard / German Shepherd mix at about 4 years old with his owner trying to be a lapdog.

Side view head shot of a tan and black large breed dog with extra skin and wrinkles laying down wiht his pink tongue showing

Max the Saint Bernard / German Shepherd mix breed dog at 4 years old