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Turkish Yellow Dog

Information and Pictures

A side view drawing of a yellowish-tan dog with a darker brown muzzle, a long thick tail dark eyes and a black nose standing.

The extinct Turkish Yellow Dog breed

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There is not much information on the Turkish Yellow Dog, therefore the most accurate description comes from the descendants of the breed. Because of the name, we can guess that the Turkish Yellow Dog is a light tan color or a yellowish tint. This breed most likely had a short coat, longer legs, and appeared to be lanky. They had a longer, thin snout that was probably a darker color compared to the rest of its coat. Their tail was most likely medium length to long and was thicker with coarse short fur. The ears would flop at its sides and reach down to the bottom of their muzzle. They also most likely appeared to be athletic looking and able to run on their long legs for long distances.


Because there are no records of this dog, we can only guess the temperament based on breeds the Turkish Yellow Dog is related to. They were most likely loyal, friendly, and easy to train. They most likely had high amounts of energy and were eager to please, following at your side and waiting for a command. They were probably very playful and loved to run around for fun.

Height, Weight

There are no records for their height and weight although we can guess that they were anywhere between 45–75 pounds (20-34 kg) and anywhere between 18–25 inches (46-63 kg).

Health Problems

There are no records of this breeds health problems although by looking at its related breeds, they probably commonly suffered from hip dysplasia or joint problems.

Living Conditions

Most likely, these dogs required a yard and could not easily live in an apartment. They were probably high energy and used for hunts. Because of their long legs, they would most likely run for long periods of time without tiring. They would probably do well in a small to large house with a backyard.


These dogs were probably high energy and required a lot of exercise. They most likely needed more than just a daily walk as they were also probably very intelligent. When comparing this dog to the breeds it is related to, they probably loved to run around and play. They also most likely needed to be taught tricks and commands in order to calm their mental energy.

Life Expectancy

There are no records of this dogs life expectancy although we can assume that they would have lived around 10–14 years based on related breeds.

Litter Size

There are no records of the Turkish Yellow Dogs litter size although they probably had anywhere between 4–8 puppies.


They had a short coat, therefore they most likely only needed to be groomed or bathed when necessary.


Not much is known about the Turkish Yellow Dog although we do know that the Turkish Yellow Dog was used to create a few modern breeds. These breeds include the Vizsla, Transylvizsla Hound, and the Labralas.



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A front view drawing of a tall, large tan and brown dog with ears that hang down to the sides, a black nose and dark eyes sitting down.

The extinct Turkish Yellow Dog breed