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List of Extinct Dog Breeds

Side view - A thick coated, large dog with a black nose and tan fur standing facing the right. The dog has small perk ears and a long fluffy tail that it is holding down low. The tail almost touches the ground.

The Indian Hare Dog

  • Alaunt
  • Alpine Spaniel
  • Blue Paul Terrier
  • Braque De Puy
  • Bullenbeisser
  • Chien-gris
  • Clydesdale (Paisley Terrier)
  • Cordoba Fighting Dog
  • Cumberland Sheepdog
  • Dog of Cordoba
  • Dogo Cubano
  • English Water Spaniel
  • English White Terrier
  • Fila de Terceira
  • French Water Dog
  • Grand Fauve de Bretagne
  • Hare Indian Dog
  • Hawaiian Poi Dog
  • Molossus
  • Montaimboeuf
  • Moscow Water Dog
  • Norfolk Spaniel
  • North Country Beagle
  • Old English White Terrier
  • Paisley Terrier
  • Poligar Hound
  • Salish Woolly Dog
  • Scotch Terrier
  • Southern Hound
  • St. John’s Water Dog
  • Tahltan Bear Dog
  • Talbot
  • Tesem
  • Thylacine (Australian Tiger Dog)
  • Toy Bulldog
  • Toy Trawler Spaniel
  • Turkish yellow dog
  • Turnspit Dog
  • Tweed Water Spaniel
  • White Bloodhound
A brown dog with stripes on its coat facing the left. The dog has a long muzzle, a long tail and a long skinny body. It has small perk rounded ears.

Thylacine, The Australian Tiger Dog

A drawling of a tan dog with a long skinny tail, perk ears, a black nose, dark eyes and extra skin on its back facing the right.

Cordoba Fighting Dog

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