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Vizsla Pictures

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The right side of a short-haired, large-breed, red Vizsla dog sitting in a red and yellow hammock chair looking to the right.

Torka the Vizsla at 9 years old enjoying the Hammock— "His sire was Futaki Magyar. Torka is a great grouse hunter and loves the water. "

Other Names
  • Hungarian Short-haired Pointing Dog
  • Rovidszoru Magyar Vizsla
  • Hungarian Pointer
  • Magyar Vizsla
An intact, shorthaired, large red Vizsla is sleeping upside down belly up on a blue couch. Its neck is stretched towards the edge and its teeth are showing from its lips falling to the sides.

Torka the Vizsla at 9 years old loves napping on the couch.

Two red Vizsla dogs are laying across a carpet and they are chewing on white rawhide bones. One dog is graying at the muzzle.

Torka the Vizsla at 9 years (back) with his brother Elnino at 11 years (front)—"Elnino is a real sweetie pie. He also loves woodcock and pheasant and points rock solid. He really loves it when we bring home pizza. Both are great with my son and daughter."

Two large breed, short coated, red Vizslas are laying on top of each other on a rug. The dog in front is older and is graying around its snout.

Torka the Vizsla at 9 years (back) with his brother Elnino at age 11 (front)

The front left side of a red Vizsla that is standing on grass and there is a ball behind it. The dog's short tail is sticking straight out to the back, it is graying around its snout and it is wearing an electric fence collar.

Illie the Vizsla

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