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Wolf / Domestic Dog Mix Pictures

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The left side of a black Wolfdog that is standing in grass and it is looking to the left. It has golden eyes and small perk ears.

"Salem is a 1 year old black phase high content wolfdog. He is very special to me. Notice his short well furred, well rounded ears, and slanted yellow eyes. He has long thin legs, and a narrow chest. His fur is banded and rough. He has all black nails. The white on his face and chest is due to what is called phasing. Phasing occurs in all wolves, and in most wolfdogs of higher content. Salem will eventually turn white due to phasing. Wolfdogs are not for everyone. Please research heavily before making the decision to adopt a wolfdog."

Other Names
  • American wolfdog
Two photos of a white Husky/German Shepherd. Top Photo - The Husky/German Shepherd mix is walking across a field and panting. Bottom Photo - The Husky/German Shepherd mix is laying across a wooden surface, it is looking forward and it is panting.

Angel is a 16 year old low content rescue wolfdog, mostly Husky and GSD. Her snow nose, clear nails, and dark eyes are her most obvious dog traits. She is shown here in her summer coat.

The back right side of a white Husky/German Shepherd mix that is standing on a gravelly surface and behind it is a wooden fence.

Angel is a 16 year old low content rescue wolfdog, mostly Husky and GSD. She is shown here in her winter coat.

A white German Shepherddog/Husky mix is laying in a dirt field and its front paws are on a log. It has small perk ears and dark slanty eyes.

"Jasper is a low mid content rescue, mostly German Shepherd Dog with a touch of Husky. Shown here at 2 years old. He's very tall and has paws much like hands, he can scale a 6ft fence very easily. He also has a habit of eating everything in sight, from fences to underground pipes so he goes for 2 mile or more walks/runs/swims everyday on top of other daily enrichment. His doggiest features are his clear nails, slight tail crook, larger ears and slight snow nose. He learns quick but gets bored very easily and has no problem shaking his head with a huff, telling you when he wants to do something else. Both him and Angel never bark, but are very vocal. (can also be seen in Huskies and Malamutes)"

A white Wolfdog is laying on a carpet and it is looking down at a toy in between its front paws. Its large perk ears are pinned back.

Jasper a low mid content rescue at 8 months old. He is mostly GSD with a touch of Husky.

A gray and white sable colored dog/wolf mix laying down in dirt squinting from the sun

Koda the female Wolfdog at 10 months old

A gray and white wolf/dog mix with prick ears, dark eyes and a black nose standing against a tree outside in grass

Koda the female Wolfdog at 10 months old