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Xoloitzcuintli Pictures

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The front right side of a dark gray with white Xoloitzcuintli that is wearing a scarf and there is a person to the right of it holding its collar. The dog has large perk ears that are set wide apart.

Sky, a coated Xolo, photo courtesy of Rene Wheeler, Camino Xolo

Other Names
  • Mexican Hairless
  • Tepeizeuintli
  • Xoloitzcuintle
  • Xolo
A gray dog with no fur on her body and a blue tinted mohawk sitting in front of the window in the sun

"This is Kizee at 1 year old. She is a Mexican Hairless (Xolo). She is the most loving little girl. She weighs about 14 lbs. She commands attention everywhere she and her sister Bella go. People always ask what they feel like and want to touch their skin. Kizee has a personality to match her name, full of curiosity and spunk. Kiz has a striped mohawk and matching tail hair. She lives next door to her sister and they are always together, best friends. Her other best friend is our 150lb. Rottie mix. She loved him from the day we brought her home and is constantly in his face. He tolerates her kisses and seems bored by her most of the time. Kizee and Bella are the best dressed dogs at the dog park. Their closets put most peoples to shame. They love being dressed up (mostly because it's warmer)."

A gray dog with no hair on her body and peach fuz on her legs and a white mohawk on top of her head wearing a blue, purple, orange, green and white dress laying in front of a window

This is Bella B at 1 year old. The B is for many things, more often for beautiful. Bella is a Mexican Hairless (Xolo). She weighs 16 lbs. Bella lives next door to her sister Kizee so they are together all the time. Bella is the most loving dog I have ever known. She is happiest sitting in your lap watching TV with you. Bella is a runner. She loves going to the dog park and racing around. She out runs any of the dogs there, which is good since she is a little intimidated by groups of dogs. Her Aunt (Kizee's mom) makes all her clothes and she gets attention everywhere she goes.

A lady is holding four Xoloitzcuintli puppies that are dressed as Dalmatians.

Breeder Rene Wheeler with her Xolos dressed as Dalmatians

The left side of a brown Xoloitzcuintli dog standing on a podiumm at a dog show.

Photo courtesy of Camino Xoloitzcuintle

The front left side of a dark gray with white hairless Xoloitzcuintli That is standing across a grass field and looking to the left. It has large perk ears and a pointy muzzle with a black nose and a long tail.

Photo Courtesy of Camino Xoloitzcuintle

A litter of various shades of gray hairless Xoloitzcuintli puppies are laying across a couch covered in a blue blanket. They all have perk ears and black noses.

Photo courtesy of Camino Xoloitzcuintle

Two Xoloitzcuintli puppies are laying together in a ball on a pink pillow in a blue arm chair. One dog's ears are standing straight up and the other dog has ears that go out to the sides. They both have dark eyes.

Hawka and Diego, adult Xolo with her pup, photo courtesy of Rene wheeler, Camino Xoloitzcuintli

The left side of a hairless black with pink Xoloitzcuintli dog with white hair patches is sleeping across the back of a couch. Its body is mostly hairless with scruffy thin hair on its back, longer hair on its tail and face. It has a black nose.

Pedro the Mexican Hairless dog at 4 years old— "Pedro was an unwanted dog. He was born on 11 April 2008. He is fantastic with children and adores making new friends on the beach with all the other pooches. He is very active and loves to go running. He is a very good watchdog but goes to bed every evening just after 8:00 P.M. If you try to play with him then, he will bite you and go back to sleep. Pedro is the best warm-water bottle anybody could ask for. :)"