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Beagle Pictures

(English Beagle)

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Shooter the Beagle puppy laying outside in the grass looking back at the camera holder

"This is Shooter, our blue-tick tricolor Beagle at 8 weeks old. He comes from good hunting stock. He will be going out with my husband. So far Shooter is adjusting nicely. He has figured out how to get out of his cage when my son does not lock it properly. He loves to play and follow anyone around the house. He does howl at night since he is a puppy."

Rex and Bayley the Beagles sleeping on a couch

Beagles, Rex and Bayley taking a nap

Black and White photo of Rexy the Beagel with the words 'Rexy' overlayed in a tiny red heart

Rexy the adult Beagle dog

Penny the Beagle standing on a white tiled floor with an unidentified object in her mouth

Penny the Beagle dog at about 2 years old. I am still trying to figure out what she has in her mouth.

Grace the Beagle sitting outside on concrete

This is Grace, a "faded" tricolor Beagle. Faded refers to the incomplete black saddle pattern on her back that fades into the tan color. Grace is from show/pet bred lines.

Grace the Beagle standing looking happy with her mouth open with other dogs around her

Grace the Beagle dog

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