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Close Up - Thor the Boerboel licking his nose laying on the floor looking at the Camera holder

Thor the Boerboel flew to the States from Africa when he was 8 weeks old.

Other Names
  • African Boerboel
  • South African Boerboel
  • South African Mastiff
Close Up - Bob the Boerboel sleeping in the sand

Bob the Boerboel—Photo courtesy of Estrones' Boerboels in Botswana, Africa

Destiny the Boerboel standing in front of a house with a person pushing on its butt. Bob the Boerboel laying against the house looking at the person next to him

Phatsimo with Boerboels Destiny and Bob; Bob and Destiny were imported from South Africa to Sefhophe, Botswana—Photo courtesy of Thokwengs' Boerboels in Botswana, Africa

Thor the Boerboel licking a lady on the chin in a kitchen

Thor being friendly

Close Up - Thor the Boerboel standing on a rug and looking to the left

Thor the Boerboel

Nahu the Boerboel looking into the distance while laying outside in the grass

"Our purebred Boerboel dog called Nahu—Nahu is a Maori name meaning protector (from New Zealand). Nahu was imported from South Africa at 8 weeks of age. He was 7 months old at the time of this picture and 120 pounds. He will grow to about 180-200 pounds based on the other males from the breeder who we bought him from. He is extremely affectionate and very protective of me and my husband. He’s wary of strangers but as soon as he knows that we’re comfortable with new people he’s OK with them, too…. He has a 6th sense and can tell if people are good or not. The breed seems to be very instinctive, picking up on owner’s feelings, if we’re nervous or wary of someone they are, too. We live in an apartment and he gets along really well with our two Burmese cats. We crate-trained him when he was young so he sleeps and eats in his crate, but the rest of the time he’s free in the home. He’s responding very well to dog training; he’s the best in his class. All he wants to do is be wherever we are, so he always sticks by our side when out walking. We feed him a totally raw food diet (i.e. raw turkey necks, whole raw chickens, raw steak, raw trout fish, pulped fruit and vegetables, almonds, walnuts, sunflower seeds, supplements like calcium, vitamin C, kelp, cod liver oil, flax seed oil, etc.) I’ve never seen a healthier dog and his recent blood tests came back better than perfect."

Maximillion the Boerboel standing outside with its mouth open and tongue out

Maximillion Boerboel—Nostradamus Bushveld at 18 months old, owned byTiesie Greeff (South Africa)

Left Profile - Maximillion the Boerboel looking to the left with his mouth open and tongue out

Maximillion Boerboel—This is Nostradamus Barthlomeus at 18 months old. Owned by Bertus and Karin Reyneke (South Africa)

Bianca and Maximillion the Boerboel sitting outside looking to the right

Maximillion Boerboel—Max and Bianca, proud parents of 10 adorable puppies! Owned by Karin Reyneke (South Africa)

A litter of Boerboel puppies laying in a mans lap

Maximillion Boerboel—All 10 pups with their owner Bertus. Owned by Karin Reyneke (South Africa)

A Litter of Boerboel puppies climbing into a mans lap

Litter of puppies from Maximillion Boerboel