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Close Up - Thor the Boerboel licking his nose laying on the floor looking at the Camera holder

Thor the Boerboel flew to the States from Africa when he was 8 weeks old.

Other Names
  • African Boerboel
  • South African Boerboel
  • South African Mastiff
Thor the Boerboel licking a lady on the chin in a kitchen

Thor being friendly

Close Up - Thor the Boerboel standing on a rug and looking to the left

Thor the Boerboel

Maximillion the Boerboel standing outside with its mouth open and tongue out

Maximillion Boerboel—Nostradamus Bushveld at 18 months old, owned byTiesie Greeff (South Africa)

Left Profile - Maximillion the Boerboel looking to the left with his mouth open and tongue out

Maximillion Boerboel—This is Nostradamus Barthlomeus at 18 months old. Owned by Bertus and Karin Reyneke (South Africa)

Bianca and Maximillion the Boerboel sitting outside looking to the right

Maximillion Boerboel—Max and Bianca, proud parents of 10 adorable puppies! Owned by Karin Reyneke (South Africa)

A litter of Boerboel puppies laying in a mans lap

Maximillion Boerboel—All 10 pups with their owner Bertus. Owned by Karin Reyneke (South Africa)

A Litter of Boerboel puppies climbing into a mans lap

Litter of puppies from Maximillion Boerboel